Friday, June 27, 2014

Captain's Log, Week 218

What Ellie said this week

One morning, when Ellie woke up, she told Jason: "Hi Dad! I had good dreams. I had dreams about horsies." (this is the first real time she's told us what her dreams were about.)

One night for scripture study we told Ellie the story about Jesus walking on water. The next day we were at the beach with my friend's family. Ellie and I were playing in the shallow waves, and she told me: "I'm walking in the water like Jesus!"

We were walking back to our apartment from our car and Jason was carrying both Ellie and Zelda. Ellie threw her arms around Jason and Zelda and said "My girls!"

We were playing with chalk, and Ellie said about one of the pieces: "Ooh, it's a shiny one! And I'm shiny too."

Zelda was crawling across the carpet, and Ellie told her: "Crawl to mommy!" So I went and sat next to Zelda, and then Ellie presented Zelda to me with her arms spread out and said, "Here is Zelda! Pet her!"

What we did this week

Soooo many things. It has been crazy as we've been getting ready to move. Jason had his last night of work last Friday night, which was great. Then on Saturday we took the girls over to Jason's parents' house, and Jason napped while I went to my cousin Shelley's baby shower. It was so cute! And they had this little station set up where you could make headbands, which I thought was a great idea. I got to hang out with my grandma and some of my cousins the whole time, and it was really fun.

On Sunday we went to church, packed some more, then went to Jason's parents' house for dinner.

On Monday, we...packed. I don't really remember what we did specifically on Monday, but I'm sure there was packing involved. 

On Tuesday, we got to see my friend Lizi and her family!!!! They were in Oceanside with her family for vacation, so we met halfway at San Clemente Beach and got to spend an afternoon with them. It was so fun. Her kids are so big! And adorable! And her baby girl has bright red hair, which I totally didn't even realize. Ellie loved playing with her kids and playing in the sand and the water, and we loved getting to hang out with them.

Me and Lizi!!! The black corners are cause my camera shutter wasn't open all the way, but we didn't realize at the time. :)
Ellie and Katie got along great with each other. At one point they were both screaming and running around in circles, and just having lots of fun.

It was seriously so great to see them. I wish all my friends could live close to us, haha. :) And right now we'd all be moving to North Carolina. Yeah, that would be ideal.

On Wednesday we hung out at Jason's parents' house most of the day while our car brakes got fixed. Well, the rotors got fixed. They were warped. The car was at the shop a long time, but the fix was cheaper than we were expecting, so woohoo!

This is the girls watching the gardeners outside our apartment this week. Ellie, really loudly (the window was open and the gardeners could totally hear her) kept saying, "See that guy? See that guy? See that guy, dad? He's sweeping." She talked about him for like ten minutes.
She was watching TV like this. Because...because.
This is the basil plant we planted last summer, as a tiny little basil plant we bought from the produce section at the grocery store.
Zelda on the screen wanting to come outside. She kept squishing her face on the screen, but I couldn't get a shot of that. It was really funny.
Zelda and her papa taking a nap.

Yesterday we went to my dad's office and picked up our keys for our house in North Carolina - woohoo! We then had lunch with my dad, then came home and packed more. And then my mom and Stefan came over! They were in town for just the afternoon and last night, and they stayed here and we got to see them and it was awesome! They watched the girls for us so that we could go to the temple, which we're really grateful for. There's a temple in Raleigh, but we don't know how long it will take to find a trustworthy babysitter in North Carolina, so we really wanted to go to the temple before we moved. So that was great. :)

If there are any gaps in this weeks narrative, just fill them with "We were packing." Because that's what we were doing almost the whole week, and still are. And I actually have to wrap this up so I can go do that right now, lol.

Have a great weekend! :)

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  1. so cool you got to see Lizi!!!!! good luck with all the packing!


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