Friday, June 13, 2014

Captain's Log, Week 216

What Ellie said this week

Ellie held up a baby doll and told Jason, "It's like you, daddy!"

This one was from two weeks ago when we were driving to James's baby blessing. Diana and James (Jason's parents) were driving in our car with us, and Diana was driving. At one point Ellie yelled, "Too fast, papa! Too fast poppy!" (We were going the speed limit.) Later, she told Diana, "Good driving, Nana."

Zelda was in her pack n' play and was standing up holding the edge, babbling to us. Ellie ran over to her and said, "Hi Toy Story 3 Zelda! It's Zurgy Zurgy Zelda."

That same day I was trying to put Zelda down for a nap, but she was standing up in her pack n' play and kind of crying. Ellie started telling her, "Go to sleep, Zelda! No whining! Go to sleep!"

We were looking at a Winnie the Pooh "I Spy" book. One of the pages had a ton of bees.
Me: "Look at how many bees there are!"
Ellie: "Four many!"
Me: "Like 'too many?'" (too/two)
Ellie: "Yeah!"

Ellie, playing with her Buzz: "His name is Buzz Lightyear! Coolest toy ever!" ("Coolest toy ever" is line from the movie.)

Ellie, after she tripped: "I dropped myself."

Ellie broke a couple more eggs out of the fridge yesterday.
Me: "Ellie, was playing in the fridge good, or was it naughty?"
Ellie: "Um, I love you."
Me: "Was playing in the fridge good, or was it naughty?"
Ellie: "Um, I'm hugging you."

Zelda this week

She's totally standing for seconds at a time all by herself, multiple times a day. Her two front bottom teeth have also come in more. And she's continuing to dance really enthusiastically when music comes on, which is just my favorite. :)

What we did this week

Lots and lots of moving stuff.

On Saturday afternoon we went to my dad's house to hang out with him. The girls had tons of fun playing with him and with Kingston (the dog). We played both in the house and in the front yard, where Ellie ran around with King and helped Grandpa water all the plants. For dinner we all went to Chipotle.

On Sunday we went to church, and then afterwards went to Jason's parents' house. Ellie did pretty good during sacrament meeting. Zelda's beginning to get a bit trickier, though; she need more entertainment than she used to, and at the same time I'm trying to keep her from eating Ellie's papers/toys.

Ellie with her nursery teacher, Maria. We are going to miss Maria; she is so sweet and wonderful with Ellie!
At Jason's house we got to hang out with his parents, Tyler and Sarah, Michael and Shelley, and all th babies/toddlers. It was super fun. 

This is the funny baby cage we made for Zelda and Everett while we all ate dinner. Ellie wanted to get in, too, which was fine with us. And when Emily got there, she wanted to join all the rest of them inside. It was great!

Monday was a big, exhausting day. While we've lived here in California we've been able to store some of our stuff at a storage place my dad owns in Long Beach. It's about a 45 minute drive from where we live. Since we're moving in a couple weeks, we needed to go get all our stuff, and Monday was the day that worked. So, we drove over and picked up Jason's dad about noon (he came to help us), then met up with my dad (and another guy from his office who also came to help), then drove all the way out to Long Beach.

Once we got to the storage unit we looked in a couple of my dad's units, then drove on back to our unit (we got to ride on a golf cart. Woohoo! I love golf carts.) and unloaded it into the storage place's moving van. I actually didn't really move anything; my main job was keeping the girls from touching any spiders, spider webs, mouse droppings, etc. I was keeping them arachnid and virus free.

After we had unloaded most of our unit, we found something odd - the back wall had a small mountain of dirt on the inside. I mean, just a ton. And it didn't look like an animal burrow, plus concrete was broken up. The only explanation that kind of made sense was that some of the recent earthquakes possibly lifted the back wall, and when it crashed back down it forced some dirt inside.

Ellie, on our drive back from the storage place. She was exhausted. We all were.
Once we loaded our stuff up, we drove all the way back home, and Jason and his dad carried all the stuff up from the truck, up our stairs, into our second-story apartment. And then Jason and I drove back to Long Beach to drop the moving truck back off. And then we drove back home again. Jason's parents' watched the girls for us while we dropped the truck off, which was a big help.

Monday was long, and a lot of hard work, but we definitely had a lot of help (my dad, Jason's dad and mom, and Jason from my dad's office), and we appreciated it.

Tuesday was a major sorting/organization day. We had a ton of new boxes in our apartment with stuff in them we hadn't seen in ages, and we went through as many as we could to sort into keep/garage sale categories. And a ton is going into the garage sale we're having at the end of the month. We're getting rid of as much as we can. Tuesday night we went back to Jason's parents' house, to store some of the garage sale stuff in their extra bedroom. And the girls got to play with Nana and Papa again, and they loved that. :)

Wednesday we did more pre-moving errands. We went to the DMV where I renewed my license (I passed both the visual and the written test again - whew!)(also, California friends, the Santa Ana office is way better than the Fullerton one), my dad's office to sign some papers for our house in North Carolina, and then back home so Jason could go to a dentist appointment. Then we went back to my dad's office because the papers actually had to be slightly different than they had been earlier.

Our second trip to his office that day was more fun, because we got to spend more time there. We got to use his office's shaved ice machine for the first time, and it was great! It worked awesomely and they had all these different flavors. They even had Tiger's Blood, my favorite! Ellie loved the shaved ice, and the free bagels, and the water cooler.

One really cool thing that I picked up at my dad's office on Wednesday was a slide scanner - he ordered it so that I could scan all of his parents' slides, and I am working on it! I'm finishing scanning their last printed photos, and I'm also scanning all of their slides and negatives right now. It's a ton of work, but I really want to do it, and I am so happy to be able to get all of the slides, too! So, scanning for hours has also been part of the routine all week.

And that's what we've been up to this week! Basically, we are just busy busy busy lately trying to get everything done before we move! Tonight marks one week until Jason's finished working. Also, his sister Tiffany and her girls are coming out next week and we are so excited!

And for one last thing, here's a video of Ellie playing and the girls "helping" me sort through stuff this week:

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