Friday, June 6, 2014

Captain's Log, Week 215

Sweet baby James :)

What Ellie said this week

Ellie was coloring in a dinosaur coloring book.
Ellie: "I'm coloring the dinosaur pages!"
Zelda crawled towards her.
Ellie held a marker out to Zelda and said: "Here Zelda! Heeere!"
Zelda took the marker.
Ellie, to me: "I found a little baby!"

One morning Ellie had dry oatmeal in a bowl and was eating it. Then she started playing with it and made a huge oatmeal mess everywhere. After making a big mess, she got up and walked like five feet away, then turned around and looked back at the mess.
Ellie, to us: "Hey, did someone knock my cereal over?"
Me, disbelievingly: "Did someone knock your cereal over?"
Ellie: "Zelda. Zelda knocked my cereal over."

Ellie was playing with toys and talking and I was half listening to her.
Ellie: "Mommy, the dinosaur's missing. The dinosaur's missing. The dinosaur's missing from his head."
When she said the last sentence, I finally looked over, and she was holding the head (and only the head) of a very small dinosaur.

Ellie, singing: "Under the seed! Under the seed!" ("under the sea")
As she was singing "under the seed," I pulled up itunes and played "Under the Sea" for her, which she liked. After it ended, she immediately said, "I want the 'Friend in Me' song!" (meaning "You've Got a Friend in Me" from Toy Story.)  I played it. She got really excited.

She sang that line - "You've got a friend in me!" over and over and over this week. Here's a clip of her singing it:

She sang it everyday just over and over and over. It was funny and cute.

Oh yeah, speaking of Toy Story, she definitely called Zelda "Zelda Zurg" once this week.

Ellie, playing with two grapes she's making "talk" to each other.
Ellie as one grape: "Hey! What are you talking about!"
Ellie as the other grape: "Strange little man."
(She repeated that over and over. Both lines are from Toy Story.)

Ellie, looking for Zelda: "Zelda! Zelda!"
She tries to open the door to get to Zelda in the other room, but can't. Then: "Where's my baby?"

I told Ellie she needed to take a bath. Her response: "Mommy, I'm all done with bath, since I'm so clean."

Zelda's advancements this week 

Zelda has started doing so many things this week. My favorite is that she's started dancing. If she's standing up (holding on to something) when music comes on, she'll start bouncing up and down. It's sort of amazingly adorable. Here she is dancing:

(Um, you should really watch that video. It's adorable.)

She's also getting really good at just standing. Several times this week she's let go of whatever she's holding and just stood there, balanced, for a couple seconds. This morning she stood by herself for probably five seconds! And she's started saying "Dadada" as well, which Jason likes. :) She still pretty much just gibbers, but that's a sound she's doing really well.

She's also getting two teeth all of the sudden! We only realized this afternoon. I feel like Ellie didn't get teeth until a lot later, so we weren't expecting them at all.

What we did this week

Most of what I've personally been up to this week has centered on a trip that I made last weekend. Last Saturday the girls and I drove out to Seal Beach to visit my grandparents, and with my grandma's help I loaded up the trunk of my car with tons of their pictures. The trunk of my car was filled with boxes and bags of pictures. And this week I've been scanning them. Scanning and scanning and scanning. And I've actually been able to scan most of them! I should be done in the next couple days, and then I'll go back for more. :)

Other things we did this week: Last Friday we went to the park (Tri-City) in the evening. Ellie had a lot of fun; some other kids (a couple years older than her) made friends with her and played with her and wanted her to follow them all over the playground. It was fun to see her interact with them; when she first started playing with them, one of the girls ran up to the other girl and asked, "Who's your new friend?" And Ellie leaned forward and yelled "Ellie!" before the other girl could answer. And then a couple minutes later, she held up her fingers to them and said, "I'm three!" which also made me laugh. (She's been working a lot on holding up fingers this week. She's trying hard to control how many fingers she holds up. And however many she manages to hold up becomes the answer to whatever question you asked her.)

Ellie looking up, when the girls were above us on the play structure and calling "Ellie! Ellie!" down to her.

On Sunday we drove out to Lake Elsinore for Baby James's baby blessing! It was a very nice blessing and Ellie and Zelda were pretty good in church. After sacrament meeting we went to Michael and Shelley's house for lunch.

Playing with Nana :)
Everett's getting so big! He got his first tooth and started crawling this week!
The grandpas :)

On Monday night we got to have dinner with my dad. It was fun to hang out with him and Ellie is always happy to get to play with Grandpa.

And...that's pretty much everything we did outside of the house this week. :) We've mostly been just getting ready to move. Doing errands, packing up, sorting stuff, selling some stuff on craigslist, and, like I mentioned, scanning tons of pictures.

So, that was our week! Now go back and watch that video of Zelda dancing!

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