Saturday, May 31, 2014

Oh boy

We're moving one month from today, and I am nervous.

We have so much to do that I can hardly keep track of it all. And even though I continue to check thing after thing off of my to-do list, I feel like I'm making no progress. I'll never reach the top of this mountain.

And when we do reach the point that everything's packed up and we're climbing into a car to drive for the next six days to our destination, what then? We'll driving with two little girls across the whole country, away from everyone we've ever known, to go live in a place we've never been before.

What are we thinking?!?


  1. You're thinking, "the east coast will be awesome! And PA school will be awesome! And being only 8 hours from the Montoyas will be awesome! And somehow living away from family is kinda romantic because you are all each other have! And life is an adventure!" :) But yes, that is also scary and weird and will definitely take some adjustments. Love you guys!

  2. oops....this is actually Jill...not my mom, Glenene. I'm at her house and didn't realize she was logged in and I'm too lazy to log her out. :)

  3. You'll think that for a few days, maybe even a few months. And then, one day, you'll look around and realize that you are exactly where you need to be. That is a wonderful feeling.


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