Monday, May 12, 2014

I love formula feeding

Disclaimer: this post has no agenda. Feed your kids however you like best and whatever way works best for you. 

Okay, I just want to tell you that I love formula feeding.

I breastfed Ellie exclusively (all breastmilk, no formula) until she was five and a half months old, at which point I introduced a little bit of formula (maybe a bottle or two a week). I continued to mostly breastfeed her with a bit of formula supplementation until she was about eleven months old, at which point I weaned her entirely.

With Zelda, I mostly breastfed and also supplemented with formula until she was two months old, at which point her allergies hit hard. Then I went on the elimination diet to find out what she was allergic to, which killed my milk supply, and I switched over to formula entirely.

And I love it.

It's so much less stressful for me. Breastfeeding never came easy for me, not in the entire eleven months I fed Ellie, and not in the couple months I fed Zelda. It was always difficult to find the right position and I was always stressed about my milk supply and whether they were getting enough milk. (I'm fairly certain, looking back on it, that there were definitely times I wasn't making enough milk and Ellie was hungry, but I had been so scared into thinking formula was bad (guess what: it's not!) by the "breast is best brigade!" that I didn't supplement her with formula when I should have.)

Additionally, I'm pretty certain that I had D-MER (which I'd never even heard of until a couple months ago, and wish I'd known about with Ellie) when breastfeeding, which made it a very emotionally unpleasant experience.

Formula feeding is so much easier and so much more pleasant for me than breastfeeding. (Again - for me. Everyone's different.) And I can do it wherever, whenever.

I'll probably breastfeed my future kids just because it's cheaper, but I'm seriously loving formula feeding Zelda.


  1. Amen sister! I switched to formula after 2 months with both my girls and felt so much less stress about the whole thing. Glad you are no longer beating yourself up about your choices. Why do people do that to new moms??

  2. You know, while I totally support breastfeeding and think it's great that so many people love it, I haven't loved it either. I have always struggled to be comfortable while feeding Harper (especially any time I'm not in my house, on my couch, with my boppy, but even then) and she has always been a bit of a tricky nurser. It's not the bliss that some people describe. It also doesn't help that we use a nipple shield. If I could get her to take a bottle, I would definitely use formula sometimes. Though I probably would still breastfeed since it's so much cheaper. I have gotten used to it, so I'm not as anxious to stop as I have been in the past, but I'll probably wean as soon as she can have cow's milk. That said I also really support women who push for more social acceptance of public nursing. That would have made our nursing troubles a little easier (though no completely by any stretch!).


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