Friday, May 30, 2014

Captain's Log, Week 214

What Ellie said this week

This one was a couple weeks ago. I cut some new sponges into different shapes for the girls to eventually use for sponge painting. They were both playing with the shapes, and Zelda put the star-shaped sponge in her mouth and started crawling around with it hanging out of her mouth.
Me: "What are you doing, starmouth?"
Ellie, giggling hysterically: "WHAT ARE YOU DOING, STARMOUTH? What are you DOING? STARMOUTH!" Laughs and laughs. "What are you doing, STARMOUTH?"

We played at the beach on Saturday. It was getting late (for the girls, close to 6) so we got the girls back to the car and were putting them in their carseats.
Jason: "Let's go home."
Ellie: "Yeah! And watch Toy Story 3."

As we were driving back from the beach, we saw a buffalo statue and pointed it out to Ellie. She then kept calling it a "fubbalo." Also, I was telling her a made up story about herself and a purple cat looking for Buzz Lightyear's shoes, in the tradition of Dora the Explorer, and at one point I said "Oh man!" and then she kept saying "Oh man!" with these really funny inflections, very similar to how Swiper the fox says it.

Ellie: "We're going to the cars!"
Me: "The cars?"
Ellie: "Yeah! I think I left the big cars and the little cars, and the horsies, lots of horsies, at Disneyland."

One night as I was putting her to bed, Ellie was playing with a book in her bed and started to say, "It's getting on my nerves!" over and over. I was racking my brains, trying to figure out where she picked up that phrase from since neither Jason or I ever say that. Then I realized - Toy Story. In the first Toy Story, Woody says "And stop it with the space-man thing! It's getting on my nerves!" to Buzz.

We drove to Jason's parents' house one day this week. When we got there, Ellie said to me: "We're at Nana's house, princess girl!"

Jason, Jason's parents, and I were all hanging out in their family room at their house. Ellie walked into the room with a pack of string cheese and asked enthusiastically, "How about cheese for everybody?"

Ellie, while getting a diaper changed: "To infimity...and beyond! He's a star command, mommy. He's a star command."

One day, after bath time, Ellie got the lotion.
Ellie: "Let's put lotion on the girls! Let's put it on the girls!"
"The girls" are Ellie and Zelda, so she was referring to herself and Zelda. :) In the car a while later -
Ellie: "The girls are lotioned! We're lotioned."

At the dentist's office, when we had gotten back to the room, the dental assistant put "Toy Story" into the TV and it started playing. The Disney castle came on screen.
Ellie: "It's Jesus! It's Jesus and the temple."
(I have no idea what the dental assistant was thinking.)

What we did this week

On Friday we got to have dinner at In-n-Out with our friends Tyler and Dani. They were in town for the weekend, and we really wanted to see them because (since we're moving next month) it was the last time we'll see them in who knows how long. It was really great to hang out with them. :)

Ellie's gone up a couple shoe sizes.
When I asked her what she was doing (that's my eyelash curler), she said "My eyepits are feeling."
On Saturday after Jason woke up (he had work the night before), we drove down to Laguna Niguel. That morning I had spotted a really good deal on craigslist - three cases of Zelda's special allergy formula for $75 all together. It was worth the drive to go down and buy it. It saved us about $320.

After we bought the formula, we stopped by a little beach we've never been to before - Aliso Beach - and played for a while. Ellie wanted to play on the jungle gym instead of down by the waves, so that's what we did.

After playing on the jungle gym for a while, Ellie wanted to play with her sand toys. Her favorite toy of the day was the sifter, which she used to separate "treasure" (small rocks) out of the sand.

Ellie's treasure.

On Sunday we went to Jason's parents' ward for church (they both gave talks in sacrament meeting) and then hung out at their house all afternoon. Michael & Shelley and Tyler & Sarah both came over too, so we got to hang out with them and with all the babies!

All the brothers and their babies.
All the daddies and all their kids.
Emily and Ellie were being silly and shoving blocks in their shirts.
Baby James! Look at all his hair!

On Monday, Memorial Day, we got to go over and hang out with my family at my Uncle Murray and Aunt Wendy's house. It was so fun. We got to hang out with my aunts and uncles and cousins, and take Zelda and Ellie swimming in the pool and hot tub, and have a bbq.

My grandma and grandpa
Chocolate Malted Crunch. It's my favorite ice cream of all time.

On Tuesday we got a ton of stuff done. We made a list the night before of errands we needed to do, and then we did them. One of the errands was at our church, and we happened to see a juvenile Cooper's Hawk eating some kind of little animal up in this big tree on the front lawn. I pointed him out to Ellie, and told him that he was eating. She replied, "He's eating his eggs, Mommy! His baby eggs." So then I had to explain that birds don't eat their own eggs. But I didn't want to tell her specifically what he was eating, so I just said it was meat. A couple minutes later I asked her, "Do you see the birdy? What's he eating?" and she replied cheerfully, "He's eating, uh... a apple."

That afternoon Ellie had her first visit to the dentist. We took a cool drive back from the dentist - Carbon Canyon Road - and then stopped and played at a little park for a while.

Both girls playing in the sand.
Zelda thought the sand was really interesting. She kept touching it with this wondering expression on her face, and grabbing it, and wouldn't really crawl on it, and was just funny about it.

And then, after that busy weekend, we pretty much just stayed home Wednesday and Thursday. I read a book on Wednesday and then worked out yesterday for the first time in like two months (woohoo!).

And that was our week!

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