Friday, May 23, 2014

Captain's Log, Week 213


What Ellie said this week

Me: "Ellie, if Jesus was here, what would you say?"
Ellie: "Um, Jesus? What are you doing?"

Our sister-in-law Shelley arrived at Nana's house with Ellie's cousins James and Emily. We went outside to meet them, and Ellie saw them getting out of the car.
Ellie, really excited: "It's my friend Emily! Emily's home!"

A UPS lady delivered a package to our apartment. After she left:
Ellie: "Pizza time! Pizza time!"
Me: "Pizza time?"
Ellie: "Yeah! The pizza man!" (We had been at Nana and Papa's house a couple days before, and the pizza man had delivered pizza. Ellie thought the UPS lady was delivering pizza.)
Me: "Ohhh!" (laughing.)
Ellie: "Say, 'Thank you, pizza man!'"
Ellie: "Nana, are you Buzz Lightyear? Are you Buzz Lightyear? Are you um, um, um, um, um, um, um, Buzz Lightyear?"

Ellie spilled her milk in the kitchen. Running over to me, she yelled: "Mommy, I need a towel! Jesus make you happy!"

We were getting Ellie ready for bed. Jason pulled her t-shirt up so we could put her pajama shirt on, but her t-shirt got stuck on her head , with her face sticking out the bottom. Ellie thought it was really funny, and ran over to the mirror to look at herself with her t-shirt stuck on her head.
Ellie: "It's a hat. It's a silly hat. I'm like a mushroom."

Ellie: "It's my mouth, mommy. My special Ellie mouth."

What Zelda did this week

She stood up on everything. Seriously. She's been pulling herself to a stand on everything she can get a hold of. Sometimes she'll stand up on something but then not know how to get down, and whimper until we come and rescue her. But mostly she's fine. :)

She's also been eating a lot of rice cereal this week (she loves it) and has also been eating baby puffs. It's way earlier than Ellie could eat puffs; she used to choke on them and we had to break them up into three little pieces for her to eat (until she was like 8 or 9 or 10 months old), but Zelda just shoves them in her mouth and eats them no problem. So yay for her not choking on everything like Ellie did!

Here's an adorable video of her playing peekaboo with Daddy this week and laughing and laughing:

What we did this week

What did we do this week? Um, Toy Story. I don't know about you, but that pretty much sums up my week.

Ellie is so into Toy Story. Toy Story, Toy Story 2, Toy Story 3, all day long, every day. She gets more into the movies every time she watches them, and talks to me about them and what's happening and what's about to happen.

Her favorite character is Buzz. She likes the others too, especially Woody, but she's really enthusiastic about Buzz. So I went on craigslist earlier this week, and found a Buzz Lightyear that someone was selling for $12. 

Jason picked it up from the people on his way home from work one day, and walked in with it in a bag. When he pulled it out, we thought Ellie was going to be really excited to see it, but she was weirded out. She was nervous. She wanted there to be some distance between her and Buzz. We didn't want to push him on her, so we put him high on the counter away from her. She could see him all day, but he wasn't too close to her.

So that day, she kept looking at him throughout the day. We let Zelda play with him because she had no problem, and let Ellie see Zelda playing happily with them. We also pushed his buttons occasionally to get her used to the noises and talked about him with her.

The next day when she woke up the first thing she wanted to do in the morning was have me give the toy to Zelda to play with, and she sat really close and watched and talked to us while Zelda was playing with him. She got more and more comfortable around the toy that day, and had me push his buttons and talked to me about how loud he was.

The next day (Wednesday), she woke up and immediately wanted to play with him, and carried him around all day and did everything with him. She fed him play food, she watched the movies with him, she brushed his teeth at night.

"Cheese for Buzz, Mom! Cheese for Buzz!" (She wanted me to take a picture of him.)
Soon Buzz was going on our walks with us...

And going to Nana and Papa's house...

And being given special places to sit...

 And being read to...

Buzz even came with us to Grandpa's law office yesterday.

Ellie has a Jessie the cowgirl doll as well (given to her by our friend Farnosh), and Ellie carries her around with Buzz as well and sleeps with her at night. Ellie has wanted both Jessie and Buzz to sleep with her the past couple nights, and when I've checked on her the last two nights she's been holding Jessie in her arms as she slept. :)

Believe it or not, we have had a life outside of Toy Story this week, too.

On Saturday we went over to Nana and Papa's house, and we got to meet baby James!!! Shelley drove out with James and Emily all the way from Lake Elsinore by herself (Michael was sick), and we got to meet and hold baby James for the first time. He is sooo sweet. He just cuddled with us and slept most of the time. He was just adorable. :D

The boy cousins! James and Everett. James makes Everett look so big!

Nana and all the California cousins! James, Everett, Zelda, Ellie, and Emily.
Ellie was so happy to play with her cousin Emily, too. Those two just love each other. I honestly think that'll be one of the hardest parts of moving to North Carolina - Ellie wanting to play with Emily, but she won't be able to. :(

On Sunday when we were getting ready for church, Jason tied this ribbon to Zelda's head and it was just ridiculously cute:

He is way better at accessorizing the girls than I am. I usually just get them in their basic outfits and am good to go, but he adds cute bows and ribbons and shoes and all the extras and just makes them that much even cuter.

You know what else is cute?

Yes. The kittens we got to play with on Tuesday.

I think this is how we all felt about the kittens.
Our friend Sara's parents' are currently housing a cat who gave birth to kittens a month and a half ago, and she invited us over to come play with them. When I asked Ellie on Tuesday if she wanted to go play with kittens, she jumped up from what she was doing, yelled "I need my shoes!" and ran to the door.

There were five kittens - three black ones, one orange one, and one orange and white one - and they were all just as adorable as you think they would be. It was so fun to get to hold them and play with them, and both Ellie and Zelda had a blast.

This was the mommy cat. She was one of the prettiest cats I've ever seen.
Sara, who is an incredibly talented artist, also offered to paint Ellie's face. She let Ellie pick out what she wanted on her cheek, and Ellie picked a goldfish. She sat really still while Sara painted it on:

And was so excited when it was done and she had a goldfish on her face.

We had such a fun time at Sara's house. Thank you for having us over Sara!

Afterwards we went to Shapell Park. Zelda played in the grass while Ellie played on the playground.


After these pictures were taken, Ellie, our water-phobic, won't-let-us-even-give-her-a-bath-lately-because-she-doesn't-want-water-touching-her-head Ellie, stuck her head into the water stream of the water fountain over and over, until her hair and shirt were both soaking and drenched all the way through.

On Wednesday we did laundry over at Nana and Papa's house, and yesterday the girls and I went at visited my dad at his office. And every day this week we've been working on various things (stuff to do with buying our house, moving, vaccinations for Jason's school) to move to North Carolina.

The last picture this week is the one below. Ellie and I were playing with chalk out on our balcony yesterday. We were drawing shapes and pictures, and I wrote out her name and "Dad" and practiced reading them with her. After we had been playing for a little while, I drew a yellow star, and Ellie came over with her blue chalk and inside the star she carefully drew two straight lines next to each other, and then a third below that swooped around and connected them all. And then she said, "It's an E!" And it was! Ellie drew a letter! I was so excited and I yelled to Jason and he came over and saw it too, and we were both just kind of totally surprised and excited that Ellie did that. Go Ellie!

So that was our week! :)

Books read: "When Did You See Her Last?" by Lemony Snicket

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