Friday, May 16, 2014

Captain's Log, Week 212

One of the awesome family pictures taken by my cousin Ashley. I'll post the rest on Monday!
What Ellie said this week

Putting Ellie down to bed one night. (Jason had left for work.)
Ellie: "Daddy's at work. Daddy's at Thailand. Daddy's at Thailand."

Ellie and I were painting with shapes I had cut out of sponges. One was an "E." Ellie used it to stamp an E on the paper.
Ellie: "It's an E. It says Eeeehhh...Ellie. Eeeehhh....Alyse."
Me: "Does it say Alyse?"
Ellie: "Yes."
Me: "I'm going to make a heart."
(I use a sponge and paint to stamp a heart.)
Ellie: "It says I love you. I love Alyse."

Ellie, walking and holding my hand: "Mommy, you're big. I'm...big too."

Ellie: "Be careful. Be careful, Daddy. This is very dangerous." Pointing to the napkin holder she just put by him.

At bedtime.
Ellie: "IT'S BUZZ LIGHTYEAR AGAIN!" (Standing with her arm out in front of her, fingers splayed.)
Runs around in circles.
Falls down.
Me: "Are you okay, Buzz Lightyear?"
She gets a big smile on her face. "I'm, I'm, I'm..."
Me: "Buzz Lightyear?"
She nods. Runs around in circles again. Falls down again.
Ellie: "I'm okay, Buzz!" Runs around and around.

Ellie: "We're going tomorrow, Mom."
Me: "Where are we going tomorrow?" (We had no plans to go anywhere.)
Ellie: "Grandpa's house!"

Out of the corner of me eye I see her doing something suspicious.
Me: "Ellie, what are you doing?"
Ellie: "I love you mommy. I love you." (Kisses me.) "You're happy, mom. You're happy."

We were getting in the car. Ellie: "We're going to Grandpa's house! And see Max, and Danks, and Nan and Alyse and Tanner and Ezra and everyone!" (We didn't have the heart to correct her and tell her they'd all gone home.)

We're in the car.
Ellie: "I see Max and Nan, Daddy!"
Me: "You do? Where are they?"
Ellie: "In the tree."

To me. Ellie: "Jocey! I'm home, at Nana's house!" (Waves her arm at her Nana and Papa.)

On the way home from Jason's parents' house Ellie was just talking and talking and rambling about everything, with half of it being real speech and half of it being made up toddler talk. At one point she said that we were going to go to Grandpa's house, and followed that up with a very affirmative "Yes we do!" (Like, "We're going to Grandpa's house tomorrow. Yes we do!"

Ellie lightly taps my head with her toy hammer a couple times. 
Ellie: "I fixed your squeaker."

Ellie and I are lying down together. She's drinking chocolate milk. It's almost her bedtime.
Ellie: "Are you sleeping a libble bit, mommy? No. You're sleeping bigger more. Are you sleeping bigger, mom? Lots of biggers?"

What we did this week

In a nutshell, we took it easy. We got back into our regular schedule after having family in town. We worked on a lot of stuff dealing with moving to North Carolina.

Ellie got really into Toy Story this week, and we watched all three Toy Story movies multiple times. (The "I fixed your squeaker" quote from above? It took me a minute to realize after it happened, but it's from Woody and the penguin in Toy Story 2.) They're great movies, so I didn't mind. And I definitely cried at the end of the third movie. I can't help it.

On Saturday we came to Jason's parents' house and hung out with his parents and Tyler and Sarah. They actually watched the girls for us for a little while, and we got to go out and had a date at Chili's. It was fun and really nice to get out. :)

Sunday was Mother's Day! And it was a great one. :) Jason made it a really special day. Before church, he gave me The Sibley Guide to Trees. Does he know me, or what? I love it. It is the coolest book and I am so excited to start using it. (This might be a good point to mention that he gave me The Sibley Guide to Birds of Eastern North America for our anniversary. Again, he knows me to a T. Best husband ever.)

We went to church, and there were some really nice talks on mothers. During the 2nd hour, Jason ran over to his parent's house to put a roast in the oven. Gospel Doctrine class was an interesting lesson on the Old Testament (the book we're studying this year) and these guys named Balak and Balaam. Relief Society was a great lesson on witnesses of the Book of Mormon (including the three witnesses, eight witnesses, and modern prophet's testimonies). The teacher showed this little video, which I thought was just awesome:

After church Jason made peach sonker, and then we went over to his parents' house. Jason then made the rest of a feast, including roast beef, mashed potatoes, zucchini, and carrots. His grandparents and uncle came over for dinner, and Tyler and Sarah joined us a short time later. It was a really nice afternoon/evening and it was great to hang out with family.

On Monday we went swimming in our apartment complex's pool. Well, kind of swimming. Jason played with Zelda on the steps, and I alternated between walking along the edge of the pool with Ellie and carrying her into the shallow end. The water actually wasn't too cold once you got used to it; I'm sure it's even better after the last couple really hot days we've had.

We also went grocery shopping at Trader Joe's on Monday. Ellie used one of the little shopping carts, and was going around, stopping, and putting things in it. It was adorable.

On Tuesday Jason and Ellie went to Disneyland. Remember how the rest of went to Disneyland last Saturday and last Tuesday? Well, we got a two-day ticket for Jason, but he wasn't able to come on Saturday because of work, so he still had one day left on his ticket! He needed to use it within two weeks, so this Tuesday he took Ellie for a daddy-daughter date to Disneyland. :) It was a (very) hot day, but that meant there weren't that many people there and the lines were really short, so it was great!

They started out in Fantasyland and went on the merry go round, the tea cups, and Dumbo. They then walked over to Tomorrowland and went on Autopia and Buzz Lightyear's Astro Blasters. And I should mention - Ellie was telling Jason what rides she wanted to go on. :) She definitely requested Buzz Lightyear.

After Astro Blasters they took the big train over to New Orleans Square and had lunch, then went on Winnie the Pooh, and the Haunted Mansion. (They were going to go on Winnie the Pooh again, but it broke when they got in the line the second time. So they went to Haunted Mansion instead, which broke when they got to the very front of the line. :p But they still went on.) Jason then took Ellie back to Fantasyland to finish up the day. On the way they passed the pineapple dole whips stand, which Jason said had the longest line he saw all day. Almost all the ride lines had only been 1-5 minutes long.In Fantasyland they did the tea cups again and then did the carousel again as their last ride (Ellie told Daddy that she wanted to ride the horsies).

On Wednesday we ran some errands and stopped at Jason's parent's house for a little while, and yesterday we went to Jason's parents' house in the morning for him to sleep there that day (we had a heat wave this week, and it would have been too hot at our apartment for him to sleep there), and the girls and I played and did laundry and just hung out.

Yogurt - one of Ellie's favorite foods.

And that was our week! :)

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  1. I'm so glad Jason went on a daddy-daughter date with Ellie! I bet she loved it. Those pictures are so cute!


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