Friday, May 2, 2014

Captain's Log, Week 210

What Ellie said this week:

Ellie was eating a bbq rib.
Ellie: "Daddy, I'm eating a chicken bar!"
Jason: "Well, actually those are called beef ribs."
Ellie: "No...they're chicken bars."

Ellie: "Mommy, c'mon! Climb the stool! C'mon Mommy! Climb the stool!" - Said urgently. She had placed the stool beneath where we were keeping the basket of Easter candy  on top of the fridge. Me: "Do you want me to climb the stool to get the candy?" Ellie: "Yes!"

(singing) "Tyler, Uncle Sarah, and Everett! Uncle Mommy, Uncle Daddy, Uncle Baba-gogo!"

Driving in the car, telling us to turn the music up: "I need it loud, Mom. I need the car loud."

All morning, Ellie wanted chocolate milk, but we were out of milk. Jason was going to pick some up on his way home from work (he gets back in the mornings), so I kept telling her that Daddy was going to bring her some milk when she got home.
10 o'clock, we hear the keys jingle in the lock and the door opens. Ellie, jumping up, very excitedly! "Daddy!!! You brought me milk!" Runs over to him, pointing at his grocery bags. "That's nice. That's nice."

Holding a toy out in front of Zelda. "Lick it, girl!"

I had just put the girls in their carseats and climbed in the driver seat to drive home from Target.
Ellie: "I want to eat bear toast in my bed. I want to go home and eat bear toast in my bed."
Me: "Okay, I think that's a good idea. Let's go home. You can eat bear toast." (Bear toast is referring to this, which I've made her several times, and also just toast with jam.)
A couple minutes down the road.
Ellie: "We're going home to eat candy." I looked over at her, and she had this mischevious/hopeful look on her face.
Me: "We're going home to eat candy?"
Ellie: "Yeah, we're going home to eat candy."

We were in the bathroom at a restaurant, and there was a fold-down baby table with a picture of two babies holding hands on it.
Ellie, pointing at the babies: "That's her sister. Her boy sister. Her sister, and a boy."

Ellie: "High-five Max, high-five!" (Max toddles over and high-fives her.)

To Ezra (who was only wearing a diaper) in his high chair: "Are you naked, boy?"

Ellie: "Ezra is a boy. Max has hair. Max is crazy. He has crazy hair."

Sunscreen = "Some screen." We've been putting on a lot of sun screen this week, and Ellie will say things like, "Yeah, we need to put on some screen."

Ellie thinks that air conditiong is "our conditioning." This one happened when we were walking outside our apartment earlier this week, and we heard the neighbor's air conditining going.
Ellie: "That sounds like our conditioning. No, that's somebody's conditioning."

Banks still = "Zanks."

On the first day at the beach house.
Me: "Ellie, this house is pretty cool, huh?"
Ellie: "Yeah. It's Zanks's house. And Grandpa's house. It's everybody's houses."

What we did this week:

The biggest news is that we got a new nephew!!! James Michael Thomas was born yesterday morning. He was a whopping nine pounds! Both he and Shelley are doing good. We are so excited for the newest cousin!!

We also took a picture at church on Sunday of all the babies born in our ward in the last couple months. We had five born in four months! Here they are oldest (on the left) to youngest (on the right). All of them are so cute and I love these women and their babies!

I put this picture in because I was honestly not aware that is what my thumb looked like until I saw this picture.
I put this picture in so that you would forget about my funny expression in the other picture.

The rest of this week has been taken up with one big experience - the BEACH!!! My dad and Debbie rented a beach house right on the edge of Newport/Huntington beaches (California friends - just across the river from where we had all our bonfires in high school), and we've been staying there all week!

My brother Banks and sister Alyse got back from Utah last Friday, and they (and Nan and Max and Tanner and Ezra) and my dad and Debbie moved in to the beach house on Saturday. We hung out with them Saturday afternoon and went to dinner that night with them at The Crab Cooker. (Which, awesomely, had free saltwater taffy to eat and postcards that they both stamp and mail for you.)

All the family! And the beginning of Ellie's reign of terror. She and Zelda were both past their bedtimes at this dinner and it was awful. It was all Jason and I could do to keep them from pulling the restaraunt apart.

After church on Sunday, Jason and I and the girls came to stay at the beach house. (We stayed Sunday night and Monday night, and then have slept at our house since then but have gone over every day.) Sunday night was fun - after the babies went to bed we played card games, including a bunch of rounds of Nertz, my absolute favorite!

Ellie and Zelda have LOVED playing with their cousins this week. Elie and Max especially have had so much fun playing with each other all over the house and everywhere we go. (And today is Max's first birthday!!)

Ezra - he's three months older than Zelda. (So, nine months right now.)

Ellie was biting the back of this canvas chair and noticed Alyse taking pictures of her, and then she insisted on Alyse taking more and more pictures.

On Monday we went to the beach right in front of the house. Ellie and Max played in the sand, and Tanner and Banks tried to go boogie boarding in the water, but the water was freezing. I just dipped my hands in and it felt like my joints were freezing up. Ellie and Max had a lot of fun smashing castles and putting sand in buckets.

For lunch we all went to Chronic Tacos and then made a stop at the grocery store. Half the group then went to the pier, while Jason and I and the girls went back to the house. After feeding Zelda, we walked down the street to a little playground in the neighborhood and played on the swings and jungle gym. We walked back to the house through the beach neighborhood, and it was fun and so interesting to see how individual each and every one of the houses were. When we reached the house, Jason took Ellie down to the beach and I walked around a bit more with my dad. When we finally came back to the house and went in, my stepsister MaCall, her husband Aaron, and their baby Grayson were there! Grayson was sleeping, and he is so cute. He's pretty much doubled in size since the last time we've seen him! Cutie pie. :)

For the rest of the day we mostly hung out at the beach house and the cousins played together.

The back of a lot of people's heads.

On Tuesday we went to the tide pools in Corona Del Mar. We got to climb on the rocks and touch the sea anemones. Ellie really liked the sea anemones. So did I. We found a wall of them where there were just hundreds all together, and I kept putting my hand softly on top of them and letting them grab me. I could have done that for hours; it was so fun. Ellie felt the same way; it was tough dragging her away from them.

Me and my beautiful girls.
All these funny pelicans came and landed on this rock and then just sat there like this, all in the same direction.

We had lunch at Ruby's, then went clothes shopping to get a few more things for family pictures, then did some more hanging out at the house that afternoon. :)

Later that afternoon Jason and I took Ellie down to the dog beach right next to us. We went there instead of the regular beach because the waves were smaller and calmer and easier for Ellie to play in. She had a great time digging, running in to the water, and watching the dogs run past her. It was a good little spot for her to play.

Hanging out
Aunt Alyse reading to Ellie

On Wednesday we went to the dog beach again, hung out at the house, and took family pictures. The thing that made everything more complicated on Wednesday? The WIND. Holy cow, the wind! It was breezy earlier in the week, just like you'd expect at the beach, but Wednesday was Santa Ana winds. They were hot and the were strong. And of course they were on the day that we took family pictures!
A box o' babies.
Playing on the beach was tougher because of the wind, too. Dry sand kept spraying on us. Ellie still had fun, though.

And speaking of Ellie, she was so difficult during the family pictures. Flailing and running and basically being super uncooperative. *Siiiiigh.* Ellllllie.

 My awesome cousin Ashley took our pictures. I'm sure we were a very difficult job, what with the wind and the insane two-year-old, but I'm sure she got some great shots and I'm excited to see them. :)

Jason worked on Wednesday night (after being awake all Wednesday day - poor guy!), so he was asleep on Thursday, so just the girls and I drove over yesterday.

It was a really fun day. We got to the house about eleven o'clock, and then Alyse, Tanner, Ezra, Banks, Nan, Max, my dad, Ellie, Zelda, and I walked on the beach trail from our beach house to the Huntington Beach pier - three and a half miles! With three strollers and four children. It was quite an outing. Towards the end, the best cool breeze started blowing directly at us and helped us finish the walk. We got some lemon slushie drinks from a beachside place, made it to the pier, and then had lunch on main street. Debbie joined us for lunch and took Dad and Tanner home to drive the cars back to main street, so that we didn't have to walk home. Genius.

Tanner, Alyse, Zelda, and Ezra after making it to the pier. Tanner carried Zelda for the whole second half of the walk.
And that's been our week so far! Today's the last full day in the beach house, and then we're planning to go to Disneyland tomorrow. And today is Max's birthday!

It's been a very crazy week and the girls and I are trying to take it easy this morning and recuperate somewhat. They're totally off their sleeping/eating schedules, and that's been hard on them (and us), but it's worth it to spend time with family.

Woohoo! Disneyland tomorrow!


  1. What fun! I'll bet your dad has been in heaven this week!

  2. so fun!!!! This seriously makes me want to come to California! I love the colors for the family pictures!

  3. Oh nan, Ellie is hilarious! I love all those funny quotes! What a cute, clever girl. And I'm dying over the adorable matching swim suits your girls have-

  4. And by oh nan I meant oh man :)


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