Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Our Weekend of Earthquakes

I think the earth has finally stopped trembling.

This weekend has been nuts. Starting with the big quake on Friday night, we have been having constant aftershocks for the last three days. I can't say that I've felt more earthquakes this weekend than the rest of my life combined, but it's been close.

It all started on Friday night. I was home alone with the girls, and Jason was at work. I was sitting at the desk in our kitchen when it started. A deep, loud rumbling sound rolled into our apartment and our walls started shaking. It took me half of a second to realize that it was an earthquake. And it was big. As soon as I realized what it was, I jumped up into the doorway next to me and then ran to Zelda's crib in our bedroom, ripped her out of her bed and sprinted the couple steps to Ellie's room. I burst in, making the last couple feet to her bed and throwing my arm over her. Then I just knelt by the bed, holding a still-asleep Zelda and with my hand on a still-asleep Ellie, feeling the earthquake shake our whole building forever and ever and ever. I know adrenaline distorts how you feel time, and I definitely had tons of adrenaline flowing, but man it was a long earthquake. It just kept going. Finally, finally, the rolling and rumbling began to get quieter and everything finally stopped moving. I stood up, shakily, and took Zelda back to her room. I set her back in her crib and then walked back to check on Ellie again. I felt like I was walking on sea-legs. I'm not sure if it was me or if the earth was still moving - but I think it was the latter.

I spent the next little while sending texts back and forth with family members - with Jason at work, with his parents in the next city over, with my parents, with Sarah and Tyler in our same apartment complex. We were all checking on each other and making sure everyone was all right. The texts were taking a long time to go through because the cellular networks were so busy. As I was reading a text from Jason's mom, just a couple minutes after the first earthquake, the first aftershock hit. Everything shook for a couple more seconds and then calmed down again.

I'm never afraid for myself during earthquakes (I just don't feel like I'm going to get hurt), but during the big earthquake I was worried that something might fall on the girls and hurt them.  And man, did it make my adrenaline flow and get my blood pumping. I was ready for action. I was on edge and ready for another earthquake the whole rest of the night. We did have a lot of small aftershocks that night, but most were so small I only noticed them because the walls or window would make a small noise. A couple were big enough for me to jump up, but that was all and they were over.

The big earthquake that struck Friday night was 5.1, and the epicenter was only 4.25 miles from our house. The medium-sized aftershock that immediately followed it was a 3.2.  The (literally hundreds) of aftershocks in the days since have been mostly in the 1s and 2s, with a 3.6, a 3.1, a 3.4, a 4.1, a 3.3, and a 3.1 mixed in. We were at Jason's parent's house when the 4.1 hit - we definitely felt that one. We've felt a lot of the smaller ones too - some of the 3s and quite a few little 2s.

I think the reason we've felt so many of this weekend's earthquakes is because we're so close to all of the epicenters. All of these earthquakes are originating from right next door - just a four or five miles away. It's been crazy and (I have to admit) kind of exciting.

"It looks like the earthquakes are letting up." - Actual quote from Jason on Sunday, when he was checking the list of new earthquakes.

Jason made these delicious cheese-steak sandwiches this weekend, too:

And he and Ellie made cake:

Ellie shoved a ton of stuffed animals in her shirt:

And on Sunday we got to go have dinner at my grandparent's house with all my family. It was so fun to see everyone and hang out.

Ellie and my cousin's son Cameron got to eat dinner out at this little picnic bench. We ate out there with them. It was great because we didn't have to worry about them spilling.
My grandpa pulled out this amazing doll house to give to my cousin's girls. It was so awesome to see it - I remember loving it when it was little. My grandma filled it with all these awesome miniature things and we would play with it whenever we could.
We all got to jump rope, too. That was the best!
My Dad jumped in a couple times while holding Ellie. I was impressed!

So that was our weekend. It was great, and this week is going to be great too, because Jason is off of work until Saturday and because my brother Banks and his family fly in on Wednesday! We haven't seen him for over two years and I am SOOO excited!!!! :D

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  1. SUPER crazy!!! Glad you guys are all okay. Have a fun week!!!


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