Friday, April 25, 2014

Captain's Log, Week 209

At Medieval times for our fourth anniversary!
What Ellie said this week

On Friday morning Ellie watched Milo and Otis. In one scene, the dog and cat are guarding a chicken's egg before it hatches, and Jason explained to Ellie that there was a baby chick inside the egg. Later that day we were talking to her and telling her that the next day the Easter bunny was going to come and hide eggs for her to find.
Us: "And we're going to find the eggs."
Ellie: "Yeah! In the fridge!"
Us: "Well, different eggs. These ones have candy and toys inside."
Ellie: "And baby rabbits!"

It was the middle of the night and I was in Ellie's room. I checked her diaper and it was really squishy, so I got a new one and I was pulling off her pants to change her. When I had the pants on just one leg, she sleepily told me, "Mommy, close the pants."

(Just a couple minutes after the "close the pants," still very sleepy.)
Ellie: "You gotta wash your hands. No, daddy's got to wash your hands. You've gotta change Zelda's diaper."

When I was putting her to bed Friday night:
"You stay with me. Sit down buddy. Mommy. Sit down buddy."

Me: "Ellie, how long have daddy and mommy been married? Is it 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, or 10?"
Ellie: "10."
Me: "Ellie, do you think me and daddy's relationship was destiny, or luck?"
Ellie: "I'm two. I want chocolate milk."

Ellie, handing me a little shoebox: "Mommy, this is your hat, this is your hat."
I put it on.
Ellie, laughing: "You're like a man, mommy. You're like a man."

Last weekend when we were over at Jason's parents' house, Michael and Shelley were there too. After a while Michael had to get ready for work and put on his hat and sunglasses and was walking around.
Ellie, watching Michael walk around: "That's not Tyler..."
I realized she wasn't sure who Michael was now that he had his hat and sunglasses on. Me: "No, that's not Tyler. That's Uncle Michael. See?" (He took off his hat and glasses) "It's still Michael!" (He put them on again.
Ellie, more confidently. "It's still Michael! It's still Michael."

At home. (Michael wasn't there.)
Ellie: "It's Uncle Michael!"
Me: "It's Uncle Michael?"
Ellie: "It's Uncle Michael! It's not Uncle Daddy."

Playing with her animals.
Ellie: "It's my friend Simba! My best friend Simba....It's my friend Flip flop the bunny! Hi Flip flop."
A couple minutes later, pretending to be one of the animals: "I'm sad. I'm sad everybody."

Playing with her playdough and tiny little dinosaurs. (Lately she's been shoving animals into the playdough and saying that they're taking baths.)
Ellie, to the dinosaur: "Are you all bathy?...Yeah, I'm all bathy."

What Zelda did this week

Started sitting up all by herself for long periods of time and started crawling (real, legitimate crawling).

What we did this week

This week was big. We had Easter Sunday, I flew to North Carolina for a day, and Jason and I had our fourth anniversary.

I'll start with last Saturday and just go through the week. Last Saturday Shelley had a baby shower for our little nephew that she's due with in three weeks. It was really fun; I drove out with Jason's mom and we dropped Ellie off with her uncles Michael and Tyler and her cousins Emily and Everett, and she played with them the whole time and had a great time. Meanwhile Diana, Sarah, and I went to Shelley's shower, where I ate Æbleskivers for the first time and Shelley got lots of cute clothes for the new baby.

On Easter we woke up, dressed up in our Easter best, and drove to Jason's parents' house. We went to their church meeting with them and Michael and Shelley.

After we got back from church to Jason's parents' house, Jason went to sleep (he had worked the night before), the girls played with their Nana and Papa, and my dad and Debbie came to pick me up to go to the airport. We cut it close - we got to the airport as they were boarding our flight - but we made it on. The reason for our trip is that my dad and I were flying out to North Carolina to look at houses for Jason and I to move to when Jason starts grad school this summer.

Our trip was really short (we flew out Sunday, looked at houses on Monday, and flew back on Tuesday morning) but fun. Getting to see the area where Jason and the girls and I will be living make me both more excited and more nervous. It's really pretty out there.

Some funny things that happened on our trip: Delta has an 80's-themed safety video we got to watch multiple times (I wish all airline videos tried to be funny like this one does). As we landed at the SLC airport on the way to NC, a plane landed at exactly the same time as us, at the same altitude, on a different runway, and I could see it out the window. (Strangely enough, the exact same thing happened when we landed at the SLC airport on the way back.) The ladies who checked us in to our hotel were funny, and also one of them said I look like Kirsten Dunst (which my sister Alyse has been told hundreds of times in her life, but I have never ever been told before. Until now!). And as we were driving along this little road in North Carolina, a plane landed on a grass runway RIGHT next to us, right next to the road, and almost gave my dad a heart attack because he thought a plane was landing on us.

The plane that landed on the grass runway right next to us.
My dad and I at a completely empty movie theater watching Rio 2, after finishing looking at houses on Monday.

The girls stayed home with Jason (and his parents helped watch them, too). They got to play with their cousin Emily on Sunday:

Also, while I was gone Jason told Tyler to go shop the Easter candy sales for us. Tyler took the mission to heart:
Jason and Tyler split the load in two. This is HALF.
I got back to California on Tuesday at noon. Later that day our friend Jaime came over to watch the girls, and we went to Medieval Times for our anniversary!

Our anniversary was on Wednesday, but we went to Medieval Times on Tuesday night since Jason would be working on Wednesday. It was so fun!

Us trying to look "regal." Jason succeeded. I...well, I look very surprised.
The courtyard

These were our place settings, made of pewter. No silverware was allowed - we all ate with our hands! At one point in the show they do announcements (like, It's so-and-so's birthday!) and during that they said, "We've been told that some people have been eating with utensils tonight. Sorcery! Only witches use silverware. And do you know what we do with witches? We burn them!"

Also, the food was really good. We got garlic bread and tomato soup and roasted chicken and ribs and an apple turnover - and all of it was delicious. I was surprised at how good it was, actually.

The show was super entertaining. They had some horse tricks a big tournament with all the knights (with a storyline woven in to the whole thing).  Jason and I were in the red and yellow section, so our champion was the red and yellow champion, and we totally aren't biased or anything but he was the very best one. And at the beginning we were like, "Man, we hope he wins," and then he DID! And it was awesome.

Our champion. He was the best!
The next day - Wednesday, our anniversary - was fun and relaxing. And we did a bunch of laundry.

Ellie, Zelda, and I took a walk yesterday, and found this awesome rose! It was on a bush full of tie-dyed looking ones like this one! How cool is that?

Yesterday I heard a tapping noise in the kitchen, so I looked over and Ellie was on the floor with a pot she had pulled out of the cupboard and an egg she had pulled out of the fridge. She was tapping the egg on the side of the pot, and before I could even get up and over to her she had cracked the egg and opened it with her hands into the pot. I was so impressed! Then she helped me stir it on the stove and we made her scrambled eggs, and then she sat in her chair and ate them.

(And, incredibly, exactly when I started typing that story up, I heard tapping in the kitchen and I turned around and Ellie was doing it again! And she is currently eating the scrambled eggs we just made her.)

Last night Jason made yummy pizza. He used a thin crust from Trader Joe's, and put on some chicken he cooked, and peppers and onions and tomatoes and cheese. It was great!

And that was our week! This next week is going to be even more packed with stuff, if you can believe that, because Banks and Nan and Max and Alyse and Ezra are all flying in today, and Tanner is flying in tomorrow! WooHOOOO! We are going to have so much fun!

Books read this week: City of Glass by Cassandra Clare


  1. so fun! I love Ellie's "I'm two. I want chocolate milk" haha! And you guys are adorable! Love the pictures from your anniversary. :) I want to hear more about your NC trip! Like did you find a place? I'm excited to hear about your fun week ahead. Have fun!!

  2. Wow that festival sounds and looks awesome! Happy anniversary! By the way, have you seen the show Merlin? The festival pics totally remind me of it, haha. :)

    1. No, I haven't seen it! Is that one that you guys watch?


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