Saturday, April 12, 2014

Captain's Log, Week 207

What Ellie said this week

At bedtime; Ellie's getting into bed.
Me: "Do you want me to bring you a bottle of water?"
Ellie: "No. I want hot."
Me: "You want hot water in a bottle?"
Ellie: "No. I just want hot."
Me: "You just want hot?"
Ellie: "Yes."
Me: "You want hot in a bottle?"
Ellie: "Yes."
(I brought her a bottle of warm water. She was happy.)

This one's an example of how Ellie gets pronouns confused. She is referring to Jason the entire time.
Ellie: "Daddy's gotta brush her teeth."
Me: "Daddy's gotta brush her teeth?"
Ellie: "Yes. And wash her head. He's gotta wash her head with the water. With the cold water."

Ellie: "I want to take a bath. I want the whale." Pulls the whale baby bathtub out of her closet and starts dragging it to the bathroom.
Me: "Here." I reach for the whale, to help her carry it.
Ellie: "No!"
Me: "I can help you."
Ellie: "I got it."

While playing with her little animals, she put them all in a pile on the castle.
Ellie: "They're in time out."
Me: "They're all in time out?"
Ellie: "Yes."
Me: "Why are they in time out?"
Ellie: "Hitting people. The boys and girls."
Me: "They were hitting the boys and girls?"
Ellie: "Yes."

We've had an ant invasion building up for the last month or so. They started on the outside wall, and we'd find them in random places in our bedroom and by our balcony. Now they're closer to the kitchen (eek!). Anyway, Ellie had a plastic easter egg this week and was trying to get an ant into the egg. She squished it, but we just told her it was sleeping, and then she was happy with her "sleeping" ant in the easter egg. Later, she saw another ant on the wall, ran and got her easter egg, then ran towards the ant, yelling, "I want to sleep it in the egg!"

Yesterday Zelda grabbed a piece of paper and started munching on it. I went and took it away from her and as I did so, I told her (for Ellie's benefit, so Ellie would know it's dangerous for Zelda to eat paper):  "No Zelda, don't eat paper. You could choke on it. If you eat paper, you'll have to be in time out." I added the "time out" part so Ellie would know that it was a serious thing and that I treat her and Zelda the same. Ellie watched the whole thing carefully and was definitely listening. As soon as I sat back down, she ran over to Zelda, grabbed a different piece of paper, and gave it to Zelda.
Ellie: "Here Zelda, eat this paper!"
Me, getting up and taking the paper away: "No Zelda, don't eat paper."
Ellie: "Kay, time out!"
I laughed. Ellie was trying to get Zelda in time out.

What we did this week

Last Saturday and Sunday was the semi-annual General Conference of our church. We got to watch it on our TV, and it was great. It was good, too, because we were still all recovering from being sick (croup for most of us & an ear infection as well for Zelda) and it was nice to be able to take it easy. On Sunday we went over to Jason's parent's house, too, and watched conference with them and had dinner with them.

Zelda's watching too.
Ellie, Zelda, and I went to the park on Monday. After playing with the sand and on the slides for a while, Ellie wandered over to the grass and played with the flowers. Then she came over and said she was thirsty, so we went to the water fountain (really, the sink in the bathroom because I couldn't find the drinking fountain). When we were walking back to the playground, I asked her, "Do you want to go on the slides again? Or play with the sand?" She answered, "No, I want the sun-fuzzies!" (She was talking about the flowers. Also, you should watch "Ni hao Kai-lan!" because that's where the sun fuzzies reference comes from.)

Ellie and her sun-fuzzies
Me and Zelda
A few other pics from this week:

Ellie painting with shaving cream+food coloring during bathtime
Jason made a casserole with alphabet french fries as the base
Zelda. Being adorable.
And these super, super cute videos. In the first one Ellie's helping daddy cook and in the second she's being all sweet and then makes chocolate milk.

On Tuesday we went to the San Diego Zoo! We met in the morning with my Dad, Debbie, my brother Banks, his wife Nan, their baby Max, and my stepsister Cierra and her boyfriend, and drove on down!

Here we are starting out the day:

Banks and Max

(Banks and Nan brought that cute panda hat from Thailand to give to Ellie. She loves it.)

How our day at the zoo went was like this: we started out by walking over to the Australian Outback section. It was really hot, and we realized the zoo is ginormous, so we got on the guided bus tour and took a big yellow bus all around the park. After that we had lunch, then did the reptile house, the monkeys, the hippo, the gorillas, some birds, some other birds (in an aviary), some bears, the pandas, and then the big cats.

Here's Ellie's opinion on the flamingoes (they were also doing this funny mating dance every couple minutes that I wish I got on video. Five or six of the males would suddenly stop what they were doing, start honking all together, jerking their heads to the left and right rhythmically, and flapping their wings spasmodically. It was so funny.):

Getting some Icees and cold sodas in the outback
Nan and Max
Grandpa and his girls
Ellie loved the stamp they gave us when we got on the bus. She kept saying, "Ellie got one too!" and kept pointing to all of our stamps. She also kept insisting that we were going to go on "the purple bus." We ended up going on a yellow one, and luckily she was okay with that.
I can't remember what this bird was called, but apparently they kill their prey by stomping on it. Weird, huh?
This hummingbird was not in an exhibit. It was sitting on the branch of a tree and it wasn't more than a foot away from us. We got out our cameras slowly and took some pictures of it, and it still didn't fly away. It was the closest I've ever been to a wild hummingbird for so long. After looking at my bird book and some more angles of the pictures we took, me and Jason identified this as a female Rufous Hummingbird (possibly a juvenile transitioning to adult).
Banks lifting Max up to see the turtles swimming in the water. Ellie really liked these turtles, too. We went in the reptile house after this, and it had (in addition to many other cool reptiles) a bright blue snake!
Isn't Max adorable?
This is a monkey riding a hippo.
The pandas were super cool. It looked like a big, live stuffed animal chomping on some bamboo.
Towards the end of the day, Ellie started smashing her face into the mesh. It was really random and funny.
Walking down the big cat sidewalk at the end of the day.

(Ellie was being really silly about the leaf in this next video. She was crunching it against the side of her cheek until I started filming, at which point she tried to eat it.)

We finished up the day with ice cream and a ride on the "skyfari." The skyfari was a ride that took you up above and across the whole park. Ellie loved it (as did Jason and I). She kept yelling down to Grandpa (who was sitting way far away) like he could actually hear her. She also waved at all the people traveling on the other direction on the skyfari. We rode it both ways (to the end of the park and back). It was a great way to end the day!

Gaining altitude in the skyfari
The zoo felt like a jungle the whole time we were in it, and it looked like one from above
Coming back
It was a super fun day. :D

On Wednesday Jason and I took the girls to the library and then to the park and then we spent the rest of the day at home. (I also might have read two books - Insurgent and Allegiant by Veronica Roth. Can I just say that I seriously disliked Allegiant? It was completely different from Divergent, and not in a good way. And I hated the ending. Even as I was reading it I wondered if she ended it that way to retaliate against some other book she had in mind. And when I told that to my sister, she said that in an interview Roth mentioned another very popular book where she wished something different had happened a the end, so she did it in her book. That's stupid. You don't make major decisions in your book as a way to be different. You make them in the best interest of the story and the characters.)

Yesterday we stayed at home as well. And then today I took Ellie and Zelda over to my dad's house, where we hung out with Banks and Nan and Max and Nana for a while and then went to the mall and had lunch with my dad.

And that was our week! :)

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