Friday, April 18, 2014

Captain's Log, Week 208

What Ellie said this week:

These first couple quotes are all from when we went to the museum last Saturday.

Ellie: "I'm done with my shoes and my socks." (hands them to Nana)

Ellie: "I'm mommy's girl!"

My dad: "I think we need to go home."
Ellie: "I think we need to go to Grandpa's house."

Driving home from the museum.
Ellie: "I want the dark place, mommy." (She was referring to the underground parking lot we had parked in at the museum.)

Also driving home from the museum.
Ellie: "Toot! Toot!"
My dad: "Who's tooting back there? Who's tooting?"
Ellie: "Zelda's tooting!"
Me: "Zelda's tooting!?"
Ellie: "He did it way over there!"

Also, this week she's been trying to figure out how to say the name of my brother Banks. At first she called him "Danks," and now she calls him something that sounds like "Zanks."

Ellie, seeing the bear-shaped honey in our cupboard: "Look, it's Winnie-the-Pooh!"

Ellie: "Are you a dinosaur? Are you a dinosaur? Are you a dinosaur, Zelda?"
Me: "Is she pretending to be a dinosaur?"
Ellie: "Yes!"

Ellie, doing something in the kitchen: "It's okay mommy, it's okay. It's okay mommy." I'm sitting at the desk and finally realize what she's saying, and go over to check on what she's doing. She's sitting in front of one of the cupboards with the door open, and has the aluminum foil box in front of her. She's just opened it (this one was still closed). As I walk into the kitchen she changes from saying "It's okay" in a normal tone to whispering "It's okay Mommy, it's okay," and waving me out of the kitchen with her hand.

One day this week Ellie found a baby food jar. After finding it, she ran into the kitchen, opened up the silverware drawer, and pulled out the can opener. She brought both the jar and the can opener over to me and was trying to open the jar with the can opener, saying: "I'm going to open it. I will cut it. Careful with my fingers! It's got sharp on it. I'm going to open it."

Ellie, to Zelda: "You got a bonk on your head? Sweetheart? Sweetheart? You burped?"

Ellie, showing me a picture she drew: "It's so beautiful for you!"
A couple seconds later: "I want the 'S' mabbet." (She wanted the "S" magnet to put the drawing on the fridge.")

While we were driving down the street.
Ellie: "We gotta put the car in the wagon. The car wagon. We gotta put the car in the car wagon. We gotta go get the car wagon! Ellie's wagon."

Ellie, after jumping up and down in a puddle: "That make my shoes happy."

What we did this week:

On Saturday Ellie, Zelda, and I met up with my dad, Debbie, my brother Banks, his wife Nan, their son Max, and my stepsister Cierra for breakfast at a local place called Cyrano's. After breakfast Cierra went home and the rest of us made the drive up to LA to go to the Getty Museum. It's up on this hill overlooking LA, all by itself, and it's an incredible place. The location, the architecture of the buildings, the gardens, the art - it's really cool!

Up on top, before we went in
Where we ate lunch
Ellie and Max
My dad, walking across a stream. I don't think you're supposed to walk across the stream.
The trees that line the little switchbacks that go back and forth across the stream.
Panorama of the gardens
These aren't trees. They're metal structures that have bougainvillea growing up through the middle and spreading out on top. When we were right next to the front one in this picture, Ellie told me, "I want to go in the middle!" (meaning the middle of the metal bars) and I told her, "You can't; they're too close together. The bars are too close together." She thought about this, and then said, "It's bardy. It's bardy."
Some of my favorite art we looked at.

On Sunday we went to church and then to Jason's parents that afternoon for dinner (which was South Carolina themed, for family history. Yum!). Here the girls are dressed up for church:

Zelda really needed a nap by the third hour of church, so Jason took her home to put her to bed while I stayed for the third hour. Ellie and I walked home afterward. Our place is just like two blocks away from church, so it's a great little walk and Ellie really enjoyed being outside and walking home. She looked super cute in her church dress and wearing the bead necklace her nursery teacher gave her, and I couldn't help taking a couple pictures of her:

On Monday we went to the Orange County Zoo with Banks, Max, and Nan. We played in the petting zoo with the goats for a long time, which Ellie liked. She had a goat brush that she carried around and would gently go brush the goats.

She also liked the raccoon.
It was the last time we'll see Banks and Nan for a couple days; they flew up to Utah the next day (on Tuesday) and will fly back here on the 25th. My sister Alyse is up in Utah right now, too (along with my mom, stepdad Stefan, sister Sydney, and sister Diana) and I'm sure they're all having a lot of fun and I'm happy for them.

On Monday night we got to see the lunar eclipse. Here are some pictures we took:

The dot of light to the right of the moon is the star Spica, and the brighter dot way up in the right corner is Mars.
Oh no! It's falling!
On Tuesday we drove out to Apple Valley with Jason's parents to have lunch with Jason's grandparents. It was really fun to get to see them and for them to get to see the girls.

So that's what we've done this week. Now here are some random pictures of the girls that don't fit into any of the activities.

Okay, in this picture, see how Zelda is up in the left corner? She was on that blanket in the lower right not two minutes earlier.

And here she is sleeping. :)

And eating an apple.

And napping on a blanket on the floor:

And sitting up! Man, have I told you about her mad skills? I need to do an update post all about Zelda. She's basically crawling - up on her hands and knees all the time, and taking the occasional knee forward - and yesterday she started sitting up all on her own. It's nuts. And she is the sweetest baby ever. She's so quiet and gentle and content and happy and just sweet. And she totally had a growth spurt this week - I think she's making up for being sick a couple weeks ago, because the last couple days she's been drinking tons and tons of food all day long, and yesterday she looked about a pound heavier and an inch longer than last week.

We're beginning to introduce new foods to her. Her she is trying peaches this week (and Ellie joining in on the "eating baby food" fun):

And here's a funny little video of Ellie:

Ellie washing dishes
Fort time!
And that was our week! This next week is going to be crazy busy and fun - I'm flying out to North Carolina with my dad on Sunday to look at houses close to Jason's school (and we get back on Tuesday), and then Wednesday is our four-year anniversary, and then everyone flies in from Utah (and Alyse's husband Tanner in from Florida) at the end of the week. It's going to be craaazy!

Books read: City of Bones and City of Ashes by Cassandra Clare

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