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Captain's Log, Week 205

First of all, would you like to know what our church, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, believes about women? Tomorrow is our General Women's Meeting of the church, at 6 pm Mountain Daylight Time (so 5 pm for all my California friends!). They'll be teaching doctrine about women, about our purpose in life, and how to overcome adversity. If you'd like to check it out, you can click the picture below or follow this link: LDS General Women's Meeting.

I'll definitely be watching. :) I LOVE general conference.

On to the Captain's Log!

What Ellie said this week

Ellie: "I'm a rhinosaur!" (Pauses, as if confused.) "I'm a...rhino. I'm a dinosaur."

(Coming home from church)
Ellie: "I think I'm hungry."
Me: "You think you're hungry?"
Ellie: "Yeah. I think I'm sleepy,too."

(I unbuckle her from and pull her out of the carseat)
Ellie: "Look, I'm freeee!!!"

(Playing blocks together)
Ellie: "Hey, it's mine, silly."

(In the morning. I'm just walking around our apartment. I hear Ellie calling from her room.)
Ellie: "Mommy, come in!"
I open her door and come in.
Ellie: "Sing the bumpy road song!" (This is a song she invented.)
Me: "Bumpy road, bumpy road, bumpy road, bumpy road."
Ellie, clapping: "Good job, mommy! Good job singing the bumpy road song, mommy!"

Ellie: "Mommy is a lizard."
Me: "What?!"
Ellie: "And a cactus. It was pokey. A cactus, daddy, a cactus. A lizard and a cactus."

Ellie, playing with cheerios and the (empty, off) crockpot on the floor: "If you're happy and you know it, put cereal in the pot."
(I start singing "If you're happy and you know it, put cereal in the pot" with her.)
Ellie: "Good singing mommy!"

To set the scene: I'm sitting at the desk. Zelda is in her bouncer-jumper chair, and Ellie has just tried to give Zelda water from her sippy cup. I told her no, don't give Zelda water. So Ellie finished the water that she had, and then she wanted more water, which I gave to her. She then went over to Zelda.
Me: "Don't give her any."
Ellie: "Bye bye, Mom."
Me: "I'm watching you."
Ellie: "Yeah, don't give Zelda water."
Me: "That's right."
A minute later she came over to the desk, and she took my hand and said: "Here Mommy, I walk your hand." (Which means she wants to walk somewhere holding hands.) "I walk your hand."
So I stood up, and she started going to the bedrooms, and I thought, "Oh, she wants to go back to her bedroom." So we opened the door that goes to our tiny middle room that connects to our bedrooms. She walked me into that little room, and then dropped my hand, turned around, and said, "I'll close the door for you!" and started closing the door (with her on the other side, in the room with Zelda). At which point I started laughing and wrote this down.

Ellie, about Zelda and Everett: "Aw, my girls."

Ellie: "Look Zelda, it's a kangaroo. Jump jump jump." (Taps the kangaroo's nose to Zelda's head.) "Om. It eat her head! It's a scary kangaroo." (Touches Zelda's head with her hand.) "Om om om. I eat her head with my hand! Om om om. I eat her head with my fingers!"

What we did this week

On Saturday Ellie, Zelda, and I went to the birthday party of a three-year-old from our church. Ellie had so much fun. The family that threw the party has an amazing backyard - with a slide, swings, a little trampoline, and a sandbox. Ellie played on each thing multiple times. I can't even say which was her favorite, the toddler swing, the slide, or the trampoline. She loved them all.

It was a "Frozen" themed party and it was really cute. Everything was blue and white and wintery, and the two Frozen sisters came and talked to the kids and played games with them. When they were telling their story, I stayed far enough away that I couldn't hear what they were saying. (We hadn't seen the movie yet and I didn't want to hear spoilers!)

They had snowcones, and I asked Ellie to show me her ice. She did this:

They had a big castle bounce house with a slide out front, that Ellie wanted to go in but was a bit nervous about. She did end up going in, but then couldn't climb up the stairs to use the slide, which she really wanted to do. So I ended up climbing into the bounce house (with Zelda attached to the front of me in her carrier) and helping her up the stairs to the slide.

She had a really fun time at the party and didn't want to leave at the end. :)

On Saturday afternoon, my dad and Debbie came over for a little while. They brought us some El Pollo Loco (yum!) and played with the girls.

On Sunday, Jason's work schedule got switched around a little so that he actually was going in earlier rather than later that day. That meant that he had to go to sleep as soon as he got home in the morning, which meant that I was taking the girls to church by myself. I was nervous about it, because Ellie is a child that requires about one and a half parents to keep under control. Luckily, I was able to sit with Sarah and Tyler in sacrament meeting and during class, and they helped a ton. They're the best!

I don't remember which day this was from, but Ellie was eating her cheese sandwich for lunch and asked for me to put some tortilla in it. So she was eating a piece of cheese and a tortilla between two slices of bread.

On Monday we went to Jason's parents house to do laundry. We also went in their jacuzzi. Ellie loved the jacuzzi; it was like a little pool to her and we were giving her some beginning swimming lessons.

Jason and I finally watched "Frozen" for date night that night. (We've been waiting for it to come out in Redbox.) We thought it was cute. (Also, I may or may not have listened to "Let It Go" on youtube like thirty times last night.)

On Tuesday we went to the Brea Sports Park. It was the first time we've been to that one and it was fun; it had three play structures right next to each other and they were all really good.

Ellie looks like some kind of black market spoon dealer in this picture to me.
Ellie was really good at and really liked this rock wall.

Afterwards we stopped at McDonald's and I got a Big Mac, and it was the most beautifully assembled Big Mac I have ever seen. I had to take a picture it was so pretty. This thing was put together with care.

On Wednesday we went to the Fullerton Aboretum. It was the first time we've ever been there and it was awesome! It was beautiful, and huge (it's 26 acres!), and filled with so many kinds of plants. It was like being in a zoo of plants. You'd walk around in a coniferous forest, and then suddenly emerge into a bamboo grove, and then into a Secret Garden-like meadow, and then you were in the jungle. It was so cool!

Ellie was sitting on those bushes individually, saying "Don't sit on that. Don't sit on that."

The jungle area was especially cool. We got there by going through this little tunnel of trees, and emerged at the base of the giant ombu tree.

This is Ellie on the trunk. That's one tree!

While Ellie and I were playing on the trunk, Jason was giving the term "baby-wearing" a whole new meaning:

Here we are inside the trunk.

And yesterday we stayed home and got stuff done.

And that's what we did this week!  :)

Books read: It's All Too Much by Peter Walsh and Goliath by Scott Westerfield

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  1. I love you guys! Love all the pictures and funny stories. Bradley also does the saying "bye mom" to get me to go away and often it's because he wants to do something he knows he's not supposed to (or because he wants to sit on the toilet for like 15 mins reading books!). Those plants and trees look amazing!


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