Friday, March 21, 2014

Captain's Log, Week 204

What Ellie said this week

Ellie: "Mommy, you're so cute. And you're a girl. I'm the oldest, too. I'm older, too."

Ellie, about the bath plug: "I want to keep the lid off."

Ellie: "Look, it's a blog about Ellie!" (She was pointing to the word document on the computer where I was putting together our 2012 blog book to print.)

Ellie: "I kissed your face. I kissed your happy." (a minute later) "Look, I kissed your happy, cause you're happy! Your cheeks are happy!" (pointing to my smiling cheeks)

Me: "I'm going to bring you a Zelda bottle of water." ("Zelda bottles" are what we call the little bottles.)
Ellie: "Yes. And say please have it be milk. And say please have it be chocolate milk."
Me: "No, it's bedtime, so it has to be water."
Ellie: "No. Water is dirty."

Ellie: "Mom, you're like, sooo cute."

Me: "Put the lotion on your arms and your legs."
Ellie: puts it on her tummy and starts rubbing it in.
Me: "See? Doesn't that feel nice?"
Ellie: "Yes! And my cheeks..." (rubs it on her cheeks)
Me: "Yeah, that's a good idea."
Ellie: "And my eyebrows..." (rubs it in her eyebrows) "And my shoulders knees and toes."

Me at the fridge: "Okay, let's look in here to see what would be good for lunch."
Ellie, picking up the strawberry container: "Strawberries."
Me: "Yeah, strawberries would be good. What else would be good?"
Ellie: "More strawberries."

At the park.
Ellie: "There's some little gooses."
Me: "There's some little gooses?"
Ellie: "Yes, there's some little gooses, and some big gooses. Uh oh, they're pooping! They're pooping on the grass! Look, there's some gooses. Look, there's a black goose. Let's go get another goose."

Playing with her two plastic elephants.
Ellie: "A nose, and another nose. Two noses. They're eating blocks. One block, and another block. Num num num. They're eating blocks. They're eating water and blocks."

As we're hiking up some stairs on a nature trail.
Ellie: "One, two...what comes next?" (In an instructive tone.)

Huge rumbling sounds from Zelda (who was sitting on my lap). Ellie looks up.
Ellie, to me: "You pooped!"
Me: "That was Zelda."
Ellie: " pooped."

Me: "All right, let's put some clothes on to go to Walmart."
Ellie: "Yes. And see Grandpa at the walmart."
(Apparently Ellie thinks Grandpa lives at Walmart. Sorry, Dad.)
(a minute later) Ellie: "The walmart's in the juuungle."

Walking up to Jason very seriously, cupping her hands together out in front of her and looking him intently in the eyes: "I don't know where my doo-doo is." (That's the ipad.)

When I was changing Zelda's diaper -
Ellie: "We don't touch poopoo ever. We don't touch poopoo ever."
A few minutes later, when she was back playing with her toys -
Scooping up her blocks: "These are my blocks ever." 

Ellie: "You're ten."
Me: "I'm ten? How old is Zelda?"
Ellie: "Forty-one. And I'm two."

We went on a nature walk this week and saw a squirrel. After watching it for a minute, Ellie started to climb into the brush while cupping both her hands together out in front of her. I asked her what she was doing and she said, "I want to hold it in my hands."

What we did this week

Last Friday Ellie, Zelda, and I went to the park at the same time some other people from our church was there. Ellie played with her new sand toys (as did a bunch of other kids - they were popular), got to pet a little dog, swung on the swings, played on the jungle gyms, tried to climb up the slides, and got to look at ducks.
Ellie sat on this bench and then told me to sit on the bench that I took this picture from.
We saw some fun birds - a Snow Goose (you can tell it's a Snow Goose and not a Ross's Goose because it has the black "grin-patch" on its beak), a Double-crested Cormorant (not pictured), some American Wigeons (you can see the male and the female), and a white Crested Duck.

On Friday night we had dinner at King's Fish restaurant with my Dad, stepmom, and stepmom's family (who were out here from Florida to see MaCall's new baby). It was really great to see them. We got to eat on the patio of the restaurant, too, which was fun. Also, Ellie didn't want to leave because she really liked the bathrooms and kept wanting to go back and look at them more.

The weekend was really fun. Michael (Jason's brother), his wife Shelley, and their toddler Emily came and stayed at Jason's parents house.We got to go over and see them Saturday, Sunday, and Monday. Ellie loves her cousin Emily, and loved being able to play with her three days in a row.

Jason gave a talk on Sunday about the scripture "Blessed are the peacemakers." He did really good. Since Shelley and Emily were here for the weekend, they came to our ward and Emily went to nursery with Ellie. Normally Ellie has some separation anxiety about nursery, but when she found out Emily was coming with her she immediately said, "Bye Daddy! Bye Mommy!" - and we weren't even close to the nursery room yet! Here are the girls in their church outfits:

For dinner on Sunday Jason's mom threw a St. Patrick's Day/Irish family history dinner. We ate authentic(ish) Irish food (not corned beef - that's actually just what the Irish-American immigrants ate, not what Irish people in Ireland ate) and learned about Irish history. Dessert was yummy- I can't remember what it was called, but it was some cake with a load of butter and sugar. Mmmm.

On Monday this week I got to go over to my grandparent's house again and interview them more about their personal history. I really enjoyed being able to do that with them. I scanned some of their pictures last week and I'm scanning more this week.

Ellie's been doing some funny stuff with her toys lately. She likes to line up everything in big long lines. I finally got some pictures of it this week:

This giraffe was "sleeping" in its "bedroom"

On Wednesday we went to the Oak Canyon Nature Center in Anaheim Hills. (We were thinking of going to the San Juan Capistrano mission for the annual celebration of the swallows coming back, but we decided to do something closer.) It's something we've been wanting to do for a while, and I'm glad we did it before we moved to North Carolina.

The little building with nature exhibits was closed, which was too bad, but there was still lots of little trails for us to go on. And they were all pretty easy and very do-able with a toddler, which was great. 

Ellie with her Gandalf staff
Inside of a fake tree trunk. When Ellie saw it she said "I want to go in the log!" I don't know where she learned the word "log," so I was kind of impressed.

It was very pretty and I liked all the trees. 

Yesterday I melted down all of Ellie's broken crayons in a silicone mold and made "balloon" crayons. (It was really a little pumpkin mold but Ellie thought it was balloons, and that's better. So they're balloons.) I think I'll do a little post about it on Monday. They turned out cool!

And finally, here's a really cute and funny video of Ellie and her cousin Emily brushing their teeth together this week:

And that was our week!

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