Friday, March 14, 2014

Captain's Log, Week 203

Okay, the length of the "What Ellie said this week" section is getting out of control, but I can't help it. She's just too funny! I have seriously considered just carrying a recorder around with me all the time to make sure I get all the funniest stuff. She is a crack-up.

What Ellie said this week

Ellie, taking my phone: "I need to text Ellie on this."

Ellie, pointing to a porcupine in a book: "It's a pine-porky!"

Ellie: "I want to go to the jungle. I want to get Grandpa." (She was obsessed with the jungle that day. We drove to Irvine and back, and she kept saying that we were in the jungle and the jungle was outside and we were going to the jungle. Today she mentioned the jungle too, and at the time she was playing with her little lion and elephant, and having them sleep, and then she started singing "Hush my darling" (from the song "The Lion Sleeps Tonight"), and suddenly I made a connection between that and when she was having all her lion toys sleep last week. They were sleeping because the song says they do!)

This whole next conversation took place on Sunday after church as Ellie was eating a popsicle in her high chair and I was ironing some stuff on the quiet book pages:

Ellie: "Look, Zelda's awake. He's so pretty. Mommy's so pretty too."
Me: "Ah, thank you Ellie; that makes me so happy inside."
Ellie: "Ellie's so happy too."
Me: "Ah, good, I'm glad."
Ellie- pauses for a minute, then says: "Ellie's so pretty, too. Ellie's so pretty too."
(another minute later)
Ellie: "Zelda's so preeettttty. I'm pretty too. You're pretty too. That makes you so happy for me."
(We keep talking; this is a little bit after that.)
Me: "Did you have a snack today in nursery?"
Ellie: "Yes. I love a snack. It's an ice-ti-cle." (referring to her popsicle)
Ellie, pauses, then: "That looks hot." (referring to my iron)
Me: "It is hot."
Ellie: "Yes. Feed me. And kiss me."

Ellie: "Where'd Ellie go? There she is. I found me."

Ellie: "It's a mushroom!" (about two wooden food toys - a burger bun and a carrot segment- that she had stuck together. It really did look like a mushroom.)

Ellie: (unrolling duct tape) "Mommy, I'll fix your leg."

Ellie: "Yellow melons." (meaning lemons)

Ellie: "Look, I'm juggling!" - while standing on a container of wipes. I've come to the realization that Ellie thinks juggling is something you do with your feet. She's told me "I'm juggling!" before, always while doing something with her feet; standing on a ball, for example. And it clicked - in one of her Umizoomi shows that she watches, this elephant (named Ellie, coincidentally) tight-ropes and juggles at the same time, and the characters are all like, "She's juggling!" Ellie must associate the action of tight-rope-walking with the word juggling rather than juggling with juggling. So we'll have to show her what juggling really is at some point.

Ellie: "Oh Daddy, you're so pretty."

Ellie, to Zelda: "Don't eat that, honeybean." (about the new quiet book page)
Daddy: "Is she your honeybean?"
Ellie: "Yes, it's my honeybean Zelda."

I walk into the bathroom where Ellie's brushing her teeth.
Ellie: "Jlocelyn!"

Ellie: "I's twenty-two."

Ellie, playing with blocks: "Look, I fixed the Ellie building!"

Ellie: (Points to a doll) "This is a baby," (points to Zelda) "and this is a baby," (points to herself) "and this is Ellie baby," (points to me) "and Mommy, Mommy's too old."
Me: "I'm too old? But Zelda is a little baby?"
Ellie: "Yes, he's ten-teen. And Daddy's twenty. And Mommy's thirteen sixty."

Me: "How old is Ellie?"
Ellie: "Two!"
Me: "You're two?"
Ellie: "Yes, I'm oldest, two."

Ellie: "Look, I get a monkey. He's ten-teen."

Ellie: "I need to clean up all the animals. Can you help me and clean up all the animals in the basket?"

What we did this week

Zelda's getting super mobile. She rolls and wiggles everywhere like a pro. Turn your back and she'll be in a different spot in just a couple seconds. And she's still so easy - no fussing, no crying, just the easiest sweetest baby. We entirely lucked out with her. She had her four-month appointment last week and she is one dainty girl. She's 25 inches long, so the 75th percentile for length; she's 70th percentile for head; and then she's only 12 1/2 pounds and 10th percentile for weight!

Yesterday I decided to stop breastfeeding. My milk supply tanked during the elimination diet I had to be on with her allergies, and lately she's been getting maybe one of her meals from me a day (sometimes less than that). And it's just not worth the extra stress. So, she's going to be fully on formula now. Unfortunately, since she's had allergic reactions to both milk-based and soy-based formulas, she has to be on the special allergen-free formula. We're hoping that our insurance will cover it (our doctor is trying to get them to), because otherwise it's going to be expeeensive.

I love our girls. I can't even express how much I love them. My heart feels like its going to burst when I think about them and just how wonderful they are and how much I adore them.

Last Saturday we got to go visit my stepsister MaCall and see our new nephew Grayson for the first time! He's so tiny and little (I can't believe Zelda was that small just a couple months ago - and he's bigger than she was) and just adorable.

The girls before church on Sunday:

The new quiet book pages I made:

These next two pictures are from Nana and Papa's house on Monday. The picture of them with the tomato is when Ellie was "feeding" Zelda all the play food. They were both cracking up and it was so funny.

I found also a bunch of pictures of Ellie on my phone this week: :)

Ellie plays with her blocks a lot everyday and I got some cute pictures of it yesterday. I'll post them tomorrow.

On Monday we went to Jason's parent's house to do laundry. They watched the girls for us for a while that evening so we could go on a date; we went and had paninis at Stefano's Golden Baked Hams. They were delicious, and it was fun to go somewhere just the two of us. :)

I tried to get a lot done this week. My to-do list was just crazy, so Jason took care of the girls on Tuesday as I tried to get stuff done. He took Ellie to the park and she got to play with her new sand toys (that I got for $3 at a garage sale on Saturday morning). I sewed some clothes for Ellie, got stuff done for my quiet book blog, responded to a bunch of emails I've been putting off, and more (a ton more - but I've already forgotten what it all was).

On Wednesday Jason watched the girls in the afternoon so that I could go spend time with my grandparents. It was fun; I'm beginning to do their personal histories and we talked for a couple hours about their childhood & how they met & my grandpa's time in the military during the Korean War.

And finally, here are some home videos for the grandparents:

Happy Friday!


  1. Love the Ellie quotes and pictures! :) Your girls are adorable!! I can't believe how light Zelda is! I promise I will call you back this week...the 3 hr time difference is hard for me for some reason.

  2. Your girls are sooo cute!! I'm so glad we'll be seeing you this weekend. It feels like it's been forever!!


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