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Captain's Log, Week 202

There are a ton of "What Ellie said" quotes this week, and there would be more if I had an eidetic memory. I want to write down pretty much everything she says lately, because it is all funny. She is at such a funny stage and I LOVE it.

What Ellie said this week

Jason: "Ellie, how old are you?"
Ellie: "One."
Jason: "No, you're two."
Ellie: "Yeah, that's right, I'm two."
Jason: "And Ellie, do you know how old I am? I'm twenty-five."
Ellie: "Yeah, Daddy's twenty-five. Mommy's six-tens. Yeah, that's right."

Me: "Okay, we're going to go to the store, and then the park. The store, and then the park."
Ellie: "We're going to the park, and then the store. That's right. The swings and the slides and the horses."

This is from when she was saying a prayer with me and Jason at bedtime.
Ellie: "...and thank you for blankies, and books, and shelf. In the name..."

Just a couple minutes after that other prayer, she wanted to say another one.
Ellie: "Thank you for daddy's nose, and nose, and nose, and nose, and noses." (Pointing to my nose, and Zelda's nose, and her own nose, and Zelda's nose again, etc)

(Another prayer, a different night)
Ellie: "Thank you for Emmy and Michael and Shelley and Jexi."

One day this week I put Ellie in her room for nap time. I heard her still making noise a little while later, so I went in to check on her. She was lying on her bed holding her doll above her, singing Old Macdonald and making her doll dance. She waved at me and said, "Bye mommy, I'm singing with my dolly."

Ellie: "I'm the best, daddy."
Jason: "Is daddy the best?"
Ellie: "Yeah, I'm the best too. Mommy's the best too. Zelda's the best too."
(a couple minutes later, when Jason was now taking a shower and Ellie and I were playing dressup)
Ellie: "Daddy's taking a shower. He's the best. Daddy's the best. Mommy's the best, too."

Ellie: "That makes you so happy, Mommy. That makes you so happy." - several times this week Ellie has done things or pointed out things that she then tells me, "That makes you so happy!" And then I am happy, because it's so cute.

One night this week I heard Ellie making sounds in the middle of the night, so I went into check on her. She was sitting up but obviously still pretty much asleep, and as I helped her lie back down she was mumbling to me: "Daddy's happy, Zelda too, and Mommy's got to wash the dishes."

Ellie: "Don't eat the giraffe, silly." - to Zelda, pulling a toy away from her

Yesterday Ellie was playing with her plastic animals and her little plastic castle. I came over to play with her and was picking up the animals, but she started to take them away from me and declared they were "Ellie's" and then she said, "Mommy, sit on the computer. Sit on the computer, Mommy." and pointed over at the computer. She was trying to get me to go away so that she wouldn't have to share.

We went for a walk yesterday and found a lizard.
Me: "Look Ellie, a lizard! A little lizard."
Ellie: "Aww, it's a dragon. Dragons say 'Raaaar!'"
On that same walk, Ellie found a dirt clod and bent over it, saying:
"It's a squirrel. Hello, squirrel. Oh, it fell over! I made it better."

In the car, while we're driving along like normal: Ellie: "Stoooopppp! Oh no! Crash landing!"

 All of the following quotes are from like twenty minutes of playtime yesterday:

"This is Ellie's block. And this is Ellie's block. They're all of my blocks."

"Mommy, hug the block. Mmmmm. I love you, blocks."

"I build another one. It has two triangle sides. I built a triangle." *claps* "Good-gratulations!"

"It's going to be blow-der. In Chinese. Shaka! Shaka!" (blows) "Blast off!"

Me: "How many pieces are there? Count with me."
Both of us, as Ellie points to the blocks: "One, two, three, four, five."
Ellie: "There are five pieces." (Picks one up and puts in on the block tower) "How many blocks are there? Count with me."
Ellie (and me, following her lead): "4, 3, 2, 1."
Ellie: (Puts another block on the block towers.) "How many pieces?"
Both of us: "Three, two, one."
Ellie: "Three pieces!" (Puts another one on the block tower.) "How many pieces are there?"
Both of us: "One, two. Two!"
Ellie: (Puts another one on the tower.) "How many are there? Just one." (Puts in on the tower.) "Three, two, one, blast off!!" (Knocks down the whole tower.)

And later in the day:

Ellie, to Daddy: "I love you Jason. I love you Jason. I love you Jason."

Ellie: "This one." (after picking out a DVD)
Me: "You want to watch this one?"
Ellie: "Yes. We can watch this one. It has Simba and some pig on it."

What we did this week

Umm...I can't think of anything out of the ordinary we did this week. We went to church on Sunday, and Ellie did good in nursery (she's been having some separation anxiety the last couple weeks). I was talking to her nursery leaders and apparently she's practically silent in nursery (even though she's playing and doing all the activities, she just never says anything), which is so funny because she talks all the time at home (and I wouldn't have it any other way!). I went in there while they were doing singing time and did the songs with her. Ellie loves singing, and even though she doesn't sing along in nursery, she'll start singing songs at home we know she must have learned from there because she didn't learn them from us.

One day Ellie was playing with the magnets on the fridge and I noticed that she had put an animal next to each letter or other special magnet. I asked her what she was doing, and she said "They're sharing." "They're sharing the fridge?" I asked. "Yeah." she confirmed.

Getting ready for bed one night:

So, Ellie has these pajamas that have cupcakes all over them. These ones here, see?

Well one day (like a month ago) she was wearing them, and cheerfully told me, "Look mommy, there's poop on it!" and pointed at her foot. She was pointing at this:

The cupcakes with swirly chocolate frosting. Which do actually look a lot like poop. 

We went to the park this week. It was fun; Ellie and I played on the jungle gym while Jason watched a sleeping Zelda for a while and then we switched.

Ellie and I accidentally found some anthills on the edge of the playground. She sat on them (without realizing what they were) and the ants went crazy. I pulled her up before any really got on her, and then we watched them for like ten minutes. She loved all the "bugs!"

Zelda being cute. This is when she woke up at the park.
Ellie and Jason looking at the ants.
Ellie was saying, "I love you too, Zelda."
I think this must have happened in last week's storms. Ellie climbed it a little bit.

The rest are from playtime at home.

I think this picture is funny.
All the animals were "sleeping."
I found like ten of these pictures on my phone.

Other things we did this week: Jason started scanning all of his childhood pictures into the computer. It'll be quite a project, but when he's done I can make a photobook for him and his siblings like I did for mine.

I also did some sewing stuff this week. I'm working on two quiet book pages that I'll post on Monday. I also turned some of my old shirts into shirts & dresses for Ellie. I'll do a separate post for those, too.

Oh, and we finished Doctor Who! We have now seen every episode of the "new" series. We watched the last two in reverse, and I'm kind of glad we did. The Day of the Doctor was AMAZING. Ahhh-mazing. And it was a great note to end on until the next season comes out.

Books read this week: Artemis Fowl - The Last Guardian (by Eoin Colfer) and Divergent (by Veronica Roth). Divergent was more violent than I was expecting; it makes me a bit nervous for the next two.

And that was our week!

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  1. What a funny, adorable girl Ellie is! These are pictures are SO CUTE! Give them kisses and hugs from Nana. :)


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