Monday, February 10, 2014

Zelda's Baby Blessing

Last Sunday on February 2, we had Zelda's baby blessing. In our church, we have baby blessings to: 1. Confirm the name the child will officially be known by on the records of the church, and 2. Give them a blessing for their physical and spiritual welfare. (The wikipedia article on LDS baby blessings is really good, actually.)

Zelda was super cute in her blessing dress. She wore the same one that Ellie did. My mom made it. :)

It was really awesome because Sarah and Tyler blessed Everett on the same day. We're in the same ward (congregation), so our family had a double baby blessing! It was really cool. All my family in the close area came, and so did theirs. :)

Here's a picture of everybody after the meeting!
The Thomas Crew
The Smith Family

Ellie running around having fun
And playing with her cousin Emily, whom she loves
Sarah and Tyler and Everett (look at Everette's tie!)
Us and my grandparents. Notice how Ellie is trying to escape. I was barely holding on to her. 

It was such a great day and I am so grateful that my family came to support us. It's so wonderful to be close to them. :)

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