Monday, February 24, 2014

"I need Grandma!"

This week my mom came to visit! She lives up in Utah and this was the first time she's been able to come down and see Zelda since Zelda was born.

It was a really quick trip; she got her on Thursday evening and flew out on Friday evening. But it was super fun and we loved having her here. Ellie just wanted to play with Grandma all day (and night) long and cried when she had to leave.

On Friday morning we went to the park. It was "park day" for our ward (congregation)/our old ward/another ward from our old stake, so there were lots of moms and little kids there. Normally Ellie likes to play with the other little kids at the park, but this time she just wanted to play with Grandma.

Both the girls enjoyed the swings. :)

(This video of Zelda on the swings is really cute. Please ignore my voice.)

I look funny in these next two, but Zelda is so cute I can't resist posting them:

Here I am trying to get a picture of the two of us (notice the matching tongues):

And heading home:

Being at home with Grandma was fun, too. I put in the last Captain's Log that funny quote from Ellie when Grandma was putting her to bed: On Thursday night I left Ellie and Grandma in Ellie's room about 7 o'clock (her usual bedtime). I went to go check on them about 8 o'clock. As soon as I opened the bedroom door, Ellie jumped up from where she had been sitting on the ground with Grandma and started to wave at me. "Bye mom! I need Gramma. See you soon!" (Blows kiss and waves.) "Bye! See you later! I need Gramma! Bye!" They next day too they read books together, played with toys, and did all sorts of stuff.

We really loved having Grandma here and can't wait for the next time we get to see her!

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