Tuesday, February 4, 2014

I am impressed

Yesterday I was doing dishes in the kitchen and Ellie ran up to me. "I want the doo-doo! I want the doo-doo!" she yelled. (The "doo-doo" is what she calls the ipad her grandpa gave her; the name comes from the sound one of the apps makes.) I was busy washing dishes though and didn't want to get it for her, and also I'm trying to lessen her media consumption, so I told her, "Not right now, Ellie. Go play with something else."

So she ran away and started singing, "Cleaning! Cleaning!" (the whole song goes "Cleaning! Cleaning! Everybody, everywhere. Cleaning! Cleaning! Everybody do your share.") and was singing and doing something on the other side of the counter for like ten minutes.

Then she ran back around and yelled at me, "I cleaned it!" "Really?" I said with enthusiasm, even though I had no idea what she cleaned. "Show me!" She ran back around the counter and I followed her, and I found this:

Her toy shelves, completely clean and everything put away! It looks like Jason or I cleaned it!

I was so surprised and impressed. And I definitely gave her the doo-doo to play with after that, because I thought she deserved it. :)


  1. super awesome! way to go Ellie! :)

  2. That is great! She did a wonderful job.

  3. OH how cute. PLEASE share with the rest of us what the name of this app is. My granddaughter lives here with her parents and will be 3 yrs old in just 5 days. That sounds like something she would love. I think with all the apps available now I might have a rough time searching for doo doo. LOL

    1. The app is called Endless Alphabet, and it's great! We got it when it was free a while ago; I think it might cost money now. But it's really cool; it has words and then kids drag letters to their spots in the words, and while they're dragging them it keeps saying the letter's sound. It's how Ellie learned all her letters! :)


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