Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Valentine's! Captain's Log, Week 199

Happy Valentines day!

Things Ellie said this week:

"Zelda's crying. You need go help her." - She says this every night at her bedtime when we're leaving her room. A week or so ago when I was put Ellie to bed, Zelda really was crying in the other room and I told Ellie, "Zelda's crying. I need to go help her. Goodnight, Ellie." And Ellie understood and was okay with me leaving. Then, the next night as I was leaving her she said, "Zelda's crying. You need help her." I replied, "Oh, no, she's okay tonight." But Ellie would have none of that "No! Zelda's crying. You need help her." And every night since then that's what she says. (And sometimes when she's going down for her naps.) It seems to help her be okay with me leaving, so it's fine with me.

We went to the park on Wednesday, and there was a little boy about Ellie's age that she played with the whole time. His name was Jackson. After a while, they were climbing up these plastic rock stairs onto the play structure and sliding down the slide after each other over and over. While they were doing that, this old man walked by with his little dog. When Jackson saw the dog, he took off, chasing the old man across the park. His dad went to go get him. When Ellie saw, she said:
Ellie: "Jackson?" (in a really worried voice)
Me: "He's okay. He ran away."
Ellie: "He runned away. We go get him." (in a determined voice. She started climbing back down the rock stairs.)
Me: "No, it's okay. His daddy's getting him."
Ellie: "Yeah, his daddy's getting him."
Me: "Do you want to play on the slide?"
Ellie: "Yeah."
And so she went down the slide some more. She was really happy when Jackson came back. :)

On Wednesday night at bedtime, Ellie was super good. Usually she somewhat resists when it's time to go to sleep, but we always somehow make it through her routine and put her to bed. Her routine consists of (in this order) putting on jammies, reading one of her books about Jesus, saying a prayer, reading one of her other books, turning off the light. She has a nightlight and usually reads (a lot) more books after that, but that's the routine we always do.

Anyway, on Wednesday after we put on her jammies she ran over to her books and said:
Ellie:"We read a book. Jesus."
Me: "That's right! Let's read about Jesus." She picked out the illustrated Book of Mormon, and we looked at the pictures and I told her about Jesus. As soon as we finished, she said:
Ellie: "We say a prayer." And not only did she fold her arms and close her eyes, no trouble, she repeated the words after me and helped me say the prayer. Then she ran over to her books.
Ellie: "We read another book." We read another book. Then:
Ellie: "We say a prayer." So we said another prayer. And then did that whole thing - read another book, say another prayer - probably about fifteen more times. Not exaggerating. It was too cute, I couldn't tell her to stay in bed. :) Finally I told her I needed to go help Zelda, and I turned off her big light and turned her nightlight on, and she let me leave.

So, even though she fights her bedtime routine a lot of nights, she is actually listening! Something's getting through! :)

What we did this week:

Zelda mastered rolling over! She did a whole roll yesterday - back to front to back again - and I even found her on her tummy in her crib last night. She was fussing, and I went to go check her and found her on her front, making noises like, "How did I get here? What's happening?" Funny baby. :) And she's already rolled onto her front twice this morning, and it's only 8 o'clock. Fun!

Other things we did this week:

Ellie took a lot of baths. And painted with colored shaving cream.

This is how we found Ellie's bed after her nap one day:

This is totally a "grandparents video." Nothing happens in it, Ellie's just cute. So, if you want to see some cute Ellie where nothing happens, feel free to watch.

We played at home:

(Both the girls are super cute in this video. You should watch it.)

And I got a haircut. I've been wanting to get one for a long while, and I finally did. I got about two inches taken off, and some layers added in. It's not a big change (it barely looks different at all), but it feels healthier because all of the ends (which felt all brittle) were trimmed off.

We went to Brea Olinda park on Wednesday (where Ellie played with the little boy Jackson). It was a nice little park with a fun playground.

I love this picture:

Ellie and Jackson doing their thing:

Sarah and Everett dropped by for a visit that day, too. Zelda kept rolling to look at Everett, then would grab his clothes and kind of kick him with her feet. He was really patient with her.

Like so:

And here's some Ellie from yesterday:

Playing doctor with her bear:

Looking at the bear's eyes.
Looking at her eyes.

Zelda watched.

This is another "grandparents video" from that day, where nothing happens but Ellie's awfully cute.

And here's Zelda later in the day, napping after doing hard things like tummy time:

And that was our week! The only other "exciting" thing we did was laundry. Oh, and it was my mom's birthday, and Jason's parents' 30th anniversary! Very cool. :)

I hope you have a great Valentine's Day!

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