Thursday, February 13, 2014

Daydreaming of Puppy Chow

I want to drink milk. Today I opened the fridge and saw the milk sitting on the top shelf, and instantly I imagined drinking a big, tall glass. It was delicious. In my imagination. And almost as instantly as I pictured myself drinking this fantastic, delicious glass of milk, I remembered that I can't. And I sighed, and pulled out the juice instead.

It's getting close to a week since I cut milk, wheat, corn, soy, fish, shellfish, peanuts, and tree nuts out of my diet for Zelda's allergy elimination diet. And I am realllly missing regular food. (Puppy chow, in case you're wondering from the title, is a delicious chocolate/peanut butter/chex/powdered sugar confection also known as muddy buddies. I don't have it very often, but I sure want some right now!)

But! There have been some highlights this week. Jason brought home this allergen-free cake mix:

And the chocolate cake that it made was delicious. Seriously, delicious. Better than regular cake. Mmmm. We sprinkled with with powdered sugar (I can't have frosting) and that worked great:

So the cake was a winner. I also found these allergen-free chocolate chips:

And I munch on them when I need a sweet fix. (Notice how the brand is "Enjoy Life," and the slogan is "eat freely?" Yeah, whoever came up with that has allergies, or has a family member with them.) And yesterday and today I made this recipe of Thai Mango Sticky Rice:

And that has been delicious. Coconut milk sauce is good, peeps.

My entrees this week have consisted mainly of meat dishes. Stir-fry, bacon, and roast to be exact. We had stir-fry a couple nights in a row, then I had lots of bacon one day (mmmm. Also, at least the kind we got was surprisingly low in calories), and then we made a pot roast in the crockpot a couple days go and I've been eating the leftovers since then.

My all-day food is fruit and vegetables. Potatoes, broccoli, peppers and yellow onions and green onions (although I've cut those all three of those out now cause Zelda thought my milk tasted gross after I ate them), strawberries, bananas, tangerines, apples, I missing anything? I feel like there's another vegetable or two in there somewhere. Oh! And I made an orange julius. I should make another one of those right now. Mmmm.

And that's what I've been eating this week. Some meals are really tasty, but I still can't wait to eat some normal food again!


  1. oh! I'm sure that is SO hard! It seems like as soon as we are told we can't have something, then it suddenly becomes even more enticing. It's like soon as I'm told there's no bathroom or I have to stay seated, I suddenly have to pee, even if I just went! So dumb. Although food is different, because you really do want those foods. Hang in there! At least you have a cute and adorable reason for being miserable. :)

  2. I heard chocolate can also be an allergen for babies (I went on an allergen elimination diet with Millie). However, I leaned that you can make tasty frosting with sticks of butter substitute you can get at Sprouts, powdered sugar, and a bit of almond milk. :)


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