Friday, February 28, 2014

Captain's Log, Week 201

It is pouring today. We've barely had any rain at all this winter (they say it's the worst drought California has had in 500 years), but today we have a storm, and I love it. All morning the wind has been blowing and the rain has been pounding, and it's been awesome.

What Ellie said this week:

Me: "You are two years old."
Ellie: "No, I'm ten."
Me:"You're ten?"
Me: "I am twenty-five years old."
Ellie: "I'm ten."
(Jumping up to get more spaghetti to stick in the playdough.)
Ellie: "I am going to get twenty more. Twenty ten."

Yesterday we were playing when she told me:
"We go see Emmy! I love her. I hug her, too." (Emmy's her cousin Emily.) Then she ran and started picking up her toys and said:
"We gotta clean up for Emmy. We go get her."

Ellie, about Zelda (who was not in the room and who had a clean diaper): "He has poo." (laughing) "I so funny. I so silly."

What we did this week:

First of all, the big news this week is that we have a new nephew!

Grayson Reid was born last night to my stepsister MaCall and her husband Aaron. He is 8.3 pounds and 21 inches long. And sooo handsome! :D Yaaay for more nephews!!!

Other things we did this week: Last Saturday we went to the Santa Ana Zoo with my dad and stepmom. Santa Ana Zoo is the one with all the monkeys, and Ellie had a lot of fun looking at all the animals. My favorites at that zoo are the golden lion tamarins. How can you beat tiny golden monkeys? I don't think you can.

And here are some more pictures from this week. We had a pretty relaxed week and just spent most of it at home.

The girls watching "Baby Mozart" together
Ellie all ready to go out in the cold
Ellie helped me take this
Zelda and Papa when we were at Nana and Papa's house to do laundry

Yesterday was kind of a funny day. We had been planning on having a playdate with my stepmom, Debbie, at ten in the morning. I was getting ready when I heard my phone ringing at about 9:10, and I picked it up and it was her. She asked if I had gotten her text message; she was on her way to the hospital because my stepsister MaCall was in labor! So that was super exciting, and obvioulsy our playdate would have to be rescheduled.

After our phone call was over, I looked at my phone and saw that she and my brother-in-law Tyler had texted me almost exactly the same time, about a half hour before. And Tyler was also at the hospital, a different one! He was asking if I could come pick up Everett and watch him for a couple hours; they were at the hospital because Sarah had had a gallbladder attack and they were thinking she was going to have to have surgery to remove her gallbladder.

I texted back and told him yes, I would get the girls in the car and come pick up Everett. He then called me a minute later to say that they were coming home soon; Sarah was actually going to have surgery in a couple weeks.

Well, by this time I had thoroughly confused Ellie. I had told her that we were going to Nana's house, and then I told her Nana was actually at the hospital and we weren't going to see her today. Then I told her that we were going to go to the hospital to get Everett. Then I told her Everett wasn't at the hospital anymore and we were going to stay home. 

Well, a couple minutes later she was playing by the door and went and started playing with the door handle. "Emmy has to go to the hospital too," she told me. (Emmy = her cousin Emily.) "Emmy has to go to the hospital too?" I asked her. "Yeah, all of our friends are coming to a while." Sooo, basically I convinced Ellie that everyone we know was hanging out the hospital yesterday.

After that, since we were all in our clothes and I had told Ellie we were going outside like three different times, I took the girls on a walk around our apartment complex. It was a bit wet, and Ellie insisted she bring her blanket, but it was nice to get out.

And here's Zelda from yesterday afternoon. She is such a doll. She's really playing with toys a lot more this week; she always wants a pile of toys next to her that she can play with, and she spends most of her time on her tummy playing with them.

And the videos from our week. This first one is Jason softly blowing air into Zelda's face. Every single time he did, she gasped. It was cute. :)

Here is Ellie "helping" by washing everything in the kitchen with her sponge:

And this one's Ellie eating dinner last night. It's slow, and not much happens, but it's funny and cute. I would classify it as a "probably only the grandparents are going to watch this" video though just because of the length.

And like I said, that was pretty much our whole week!

I did get an instagram account this week. Well, technically I updated the account I made one day like three years ago, but it amounts to the same thing. I'll probably post the occasional photo there every once in a while now; my name on there is "joceythomas."

I hope you had a good week too!

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