Friday, February 21, 2014

Captain's Log, Week 200

We had a great week. Today is me and Jason's 200 week anniversary (which I know is kind of silly, but kind of cool too, huh?) :D We had a special "200 Week Anniversary/Valentine's Day" date night on Monday. We spread a picnic blanket out on our family room floor and got out the boxes of letters we've written to each other over the years, and read all the letters we've written to each other (which started back in high school). It was really fun.

There's a lot of "What Ellie said" quotes this week, because she just said a lot of funny things.

What Ellie said this week:

Ellie, after eating a turkey sandwich for lunch: "I want a kangaroo sandwich."

Ellie, gently pushing Zelda to me: "Mama, here's your baby."

Ellie, pointing to a freckle on my arm: "You have a sprinkle!"
Me: "I have a sprinkle? Oh, those are called freckles."
Ellie: "No, those are called sprinkles. You have sprinkles!"

Ellie: "Here's some clothes, mommy." - giving me a striped shirt she had gone and got out of my closet, so that I could get dressed so that we could go the park

"Here's a green shirt, daddy." - disappearing and coming back with one of my long-sleeved shirts, which she gave to Jason so that he could get ready, too.

Me to Ellie and Jason, who were playing in the sand: "Are you guys building a castle?"
Ellie: "Yeah, we guys are building a castle."

Ellie, while she and I were singing songs at bedtime: "X, Y, and Z. Now I know - now quiet! - (starts whispering) my abcs, next time won't you sing with me." (She did that for a couple more songs - she'd be in the middle and say, "Now quiet!" and we'd have to whisper the song, and then she'd say, "Now loud!" and then we would sing it normal volume.)

Ellie: "Look! I broke this." (pointing at a card box she had torn a couple weeks ago)
Me: "Oh, you broke that right there?"
Ellie: "Yeah. Mommy is...You broke your eye." (pointing at my eye)
Me: "I broke my eye?"
Ellie: "Yeah."

Me: "Ellie, did you go peepee on the couch? Did you have an accident?"
Ellie: "Yeah, I had an accident. I'm okay."

(This one's a "What Jocelyn said this week"): "Jason, don't go rub a potato on the baby!"

Ellie, when I opened her bedroom door to check on her and Grandma last night: "Bye mom! I need Gramma. See you soon!" (Blows kiss and waves.) "Bye! See you later! I need Gramma! Bye!"

What we did this week:

We did lots of stuff this week.

On Saturday, after Jason woke up in the afternoon, my Dad and stepmom Debbie came over and we took the girls to the park with them. It was so funny; when they first walked into our apartment, Ellie was running across the room. When she saw them, she completely froze for like three seconds, and then just screamed a pure toddler scream of excitement.

We went to Carbon Canyon park, and Ellie played on all the slides and swings and bouncy horses and with the ducks. When it started getting dark, we went to Souplantation for dinner. As we were getting back into the cars at the park, my Dad was amusing Ellie by pressing the button on his car keys and making his car honk. He told her it was "talking" to her, and she loved it. She didn't want to get in the car because she thought Grandpa and Nana were leaving, so we had to reassure her several times, "We're going to the restaurant. Grandpa's at the restaurant." Well, Ellie fell asleep in the car on the way there, and when we got to the restaurant we had to wake her up as we pulled her out of her car seat. "Ellie, we're at the restaurant," we told her. Instantly, still half asleep, she urgently muttered, "Grandpa's at the restaurant." We had dinner, and then afterwards we took the girls back to our car and were putting them in our carseats. Ellie kept saying, "This is not our car. This is not our car. Where is our car? It's talking." We didn't know what she was talking about. Finally I realized meant Grandpa's car, that "talked" to her by honking.

Ellie also played with her toy food and kitchen on Saturday:

And I played with Zelda: 

On Sunday we went to church and then afterwards went to Jason's parents' house for dinner. His mom has been doing family history-themed dinners lately (she's already covered Italy and Oklahoma) and on Sunday we did Scotland! We all tried to speak with Scottish accents, learned about Scottish history, and had Scottish food. This is our cock-a-leekie soup:

It was really good. (She also had some "digestive biscuits" for everyone to try.)

We also went to the park a couple more times this week. We went to Tri-City Park on Monday and to Tuffree Park and Tri-City Park again on Tuesday. Ellie was really funny on the swings on Monday. She was leaning all the way forward and said she was "flying."

 Here's Ellie being funny in the swing:

(I love the "Cheese! Cheese! Cheese!"

Zelda played in the swings a little bit, too. :)

We went shopping for some toddler clothes on Monday because Ellie's growing out of all of her 2T stuff. We found these cute dresses at Walmart for just $5 each:

Also on Monday we heard back on the results of Zelda's blood test: nothing. It didn't show she was allergic to anything. (Blood tests for infants under 6-months are really hit-and-miss). We had another appointment with the allergist on Wednesday, and she scheduled us to come in the next day (now yesterday, Thursday) for a skin test. They tested her for corn, milk, eggs, tuna, rice, and oats and she was negative for all of them. (Also, all of the nurses loved Zelda. Random ones kept popping into the room we were in to play with her and say how cute she was.) They might schedule her for more skin tests; in the meantime we're still trying to figure out her allergy through her diet.

Oh, and I sold my wedding dress this week! I had it on Craigslist (I've put it on there a couple times over the last year or so) and someone emailed me on Monday. They came and looked at the dress on Wednesday, and bought it for $300! Woohoo!(Also, random and funny: when I told them Zelda's name was Zelda, they both started laughing. Apparently, they had just been saying the night before that they should name one of their kids Zelda.)

We watched Ender's Game this week. We rented it from Redbox. Jason and I both read the book a long long time ago, and we thought it was a pretty good adaptation. There were a few little things I would change; but overall it was good.

And my mom got her last night! She's visiting us from Utah. She flew out and visited my sister Alyse in Florida this week, and then she's visiting us right now. It's the first time she's met Zelda, and it's super fun to have her here.

Annnnd I think that's everything!

Books read this week: Eulalia! by Brian Jacques

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