Friday, February 7, 2014

Captain's Log, Week 198

Ahoy, maties! Here's what we've been up to this week.

What Ellie said this week:

"I love her." (About Zelda.)

"Nanny! Nanny! Nanny! I want Poppy!" - Jason's parents are "Nana" and "Papa" to their grandchildren. Ellie has always called them that. But for some reason when we were over there this week, she was calling them Nanny and Poppy. Maybe because Mom/Dad = Mommy/Daddy, Nana/Papa = Nanny/Poppy?

"There's Mufasa and Simba." For a long time (several months now), Ellie has been calling the speed bumps in our parking lot "Mufasa." Like, "Look, there's Mufasa!" We have no idea why. Simba has recently joined Mufasa in speed-bump world.

"I want another surprise." - In the car, after playing with a little toy cat that I got her from the dollar store.

What Zelda's done this week:

She's beginning to roll over (both from back to front and front to back). She's also beginning to play with toys, as she's getting better at moving her hands to where she wants them to go and grabbing things. She is such a sweet, smiley, wonderful girl.

What we did this week:

Well, Zelda was cute:

Last Saturday we had dinner with Jason's family at his parent's house. It was Oklahoma-themed; for the last couple dinners Jason's mom has been preparing food from specific family-history locations. It's been fun. I tried okra for the first time. After dinner we had a small game night at our apartment with some of our friends.

We also had Zelda's baby blessing on Sunday. We have so many cute photos that it's going to get it's own post this Sunday, but here are some snapshots of the morning:

Here's a short video of both of the girls laughing at their funny daddy:

On Monday for our date night Jason and I rented "Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2" and made knock-off Texas Roadhouse Rolls. They were the first thing with yeast I've made at home, so I was kind of nervous about them, but they turned out okay. They were a bit denser and not as sweet as real Texas Roadhouse Rolls, but with the cinnamon honey butter Jason made they were delicious. We ate sooo many of them that night.

(Have I ever mentioned before that our date night is always on Monday night? It's the night that works best for us, because it's the day Jason always has work off. He gets every Tuesday night off now, too, but that just started recently.)

We went to the park a couple times this week. On Tuesday we went to Tri-City Park in Placentia. It's weird that Ellie's old enough that we don't have to be right next to her on the playground. She's old enough that she has enough sense not to step off into space off the play structure, and she has enough coordination not to topple off the edge. To me, it's a really big sign that's she's growing up. We can just watch her play, and she's okay.

The slides on one of the playgrounds don't level off at the bottom, so they just shoot kids off the edge. The first time Ellie did it we were all taken aback but thought it was really funny. This is the second time she went down the slides:

At one point Ellie was swinging in one of the swings, I was pushing her, and Jason was eating a sandwich and watching us from the edge of the playground (about fifteen feet away). A little boy was swinging next to Ellie, and his dad was pushing him. The little boy's dad went to go get something from his stroller, and while he did so the little boy turned to us and started jabbering away, and we could understand the words "my daddy." "Oh, that's your daddy?" I asked him. "Yeah," he said, nodding. Well, Ellie was having none of that. She's been super possessive lately, and instantly she looked at him and said, "My daddy!" And the boy said back, "My daddy!" And Ellie said "My daddy!" And the boy said again, "My daddy!" And by this time, the little boy's dad and Jason and I were all laughing. "No, Ellie, your daddy's over there, see? There's daddy. He's over there." And she saw him and pointed at him and grumbled, "My daddy."

And this is how you know that it's time to come home:

The next day we went to Country Hills Park in Brea. It was really (really) small, but Ellie still had fun. 

I have the handsomest husband in the whole world.

And the big news for the week is that yesterday Zelda and I met with the allergist to try to figure out what she's allergic to.

Me and Zelda at her appointment.
I really liked the allergist. She talked with us a long time, even though they were squeezing us in (our real appointment was supposed to be next week, but she likes to see the babies as soon as possible). She was really great. She explained lots and lots of stuff, answered all my questions, and even gave me some advice for my allergies.

To figure out Zelda's allergies, we're doing a couple things. The allergist gave us some non-allergenic formula (her diet is part breastmilk/part formula), she had a blood test that we'll get the results for next week, and...

I've been put on an elimination diet. I hate elimination diets. If you'll remember from this post (My Throat is Trying to Kill Me), I have a strong soy allergy. When they were first doing the allergy testing on me and found out I was allergic to at least fifteen different foods, and told me to go off all of them before adding them back in one at a time, that was horrible. It was in the first autumn after Jason and I were married, and I remember not being able to eat anything and crying and hating it and Jason comforting me. Eventually we figured out the only one of my allergens I really need to cut out of my diet is soy, and it began to get better. There are still many, many foods with soy in them that I can't eat, and it's tough sometimes and occasionally I'm still a bit grouchy/sad about it, but I'm actually pretty okay with it now. I've had years to get used to it and be okay with what I can eat.

But now I have to do it again. For at least the next seven days I am not allowed to eat anything that contains milk, wheat, corn, soy, fish, shellfish, peanuts, tree nuts, or eggs. I'm limited almost entirely to fruits, vegetables, meat, rice, water, and juice. After a week, we'll find out the results from the blood test.  At that point, I can start reintroducing one food every four days. If she has a reaction during those four days, it means she's allergic to that food. Any foods that she reacts to or that come back as positive in the blood test, I have to cut from my diet for the rest of the time that she's breastfeeding.

We went grocery shopping last night and I went crazy in the produce section. Since I'm going to be limited to fruits and vegetables for almost my entire diet for the next couple weeks, I got a lot of them. I also got some yummy meats I normally wouldn't get - some stir-fry meat, a roast, and good bacon. But I still feel so constricted, and I want to eat a granola bar, and I am sad because I can't eat my granola bars.

Annnyway, that's what we've been up to this week.

Books read this week: Enter the Zombie (Nathan Abercrombie, Accidental Zombie) by David Lubar

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  1. oh I'm sorry about the allergies! that stinks! Julie can't have milk products with her current baby and I know it's hard. You don't ever realize how much food has all those things in it until you can't have them! I hope you can get it figured out soon!


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