Thursday, January 2, 2014

Disneyland on New Year's Eve

Thanks to my dad, we got to go to Disneyland on New Year's Eve. It was Ellie's first time going (Zelda's too, but she didn't realize) and, as such, was really fun.

The castle, all decked out in its Christmas gear.

We started the day off in Fantasyland. Ellie's very first ride was the King Arthur Carousel. She was a bit nervous the first time we went around, but then after it stopped she didn't want to get off, and she smiled a lot the second time we went on. 

Next we went on the Casey Jr. train, and happened to get in line right behind the very same family that had been on the horses next to us on the Carousel. They were fun to talk to in line, and their little boy (who was about four or five) was really funny. He kept asking us if we were following them, and what rides we were planning on to go next, and if we were going to follow them all day.

After Casey Jr. and our second time on the Carousel, we headed over to Frontierland/New Orleans Square/Critter Country. We passed the Big Thunder Ranch on the way, and wandered in to see if there was anything interesting. There sure was. Goats!

Did you know that Disneyland has a petting zoo? If I ever knew, I forgot. We found it, and Ellie loved it.

We eventually made it over to Critter Country, where we went on the psychedelic Winnie-the-Pooh ride. After we got out, we met up with my dad and stepmom Debbie, who had just made it into the park. They immediately had to go, though, because they had lunch reservations at Club 33 in just a few minutes. 

After they left to go to lunch, we got in line to meet Tigger and Pooh Bear in Pooh Corner. (All morning, as we were getting ready and coming to Disneyland, we kept explaining to Ellie where we were going by telling her we were going to "where Pooh Bear lives," so seeing them was a must.) 

Ellie looks very reserved in the pictures below, but she really liked meeting Pooh and Tigger. She was kind of shy, but it was more "star-struck" than anything else, and when Tigger kissed her on her forehead she smiled really cute. (And as I'm showing her these pictures, she's smiling really big right now and pointing.)

Afterwards we took a train ride around the park...

Ellie loved the big train.

...and then met up with my dad and Debbie again! We went with them on Tarzan's treehouse, and then they took the girls while Jason and I went to our own lunch reservation at Club 33.

This picture kind of shows how many people were there. The park was at full capacity; they said it was the busiest day of the year.

Our lunch at Club 33 was awesome. Jason got the lamb chops and I ordered the "pan seared chateaubriand" without knowing what it was (it turned out to be an delicious steak), and we also got a seafood platter and some apple/squash bisque. Our waiter was really nice and super friendly, and to top it off, some stars from the show "Once Upon a Time" (Ginnifer Goodwin and Josh Dallas) were eating with their family just a couple tables away from us!

This is my dessert! Look at the little mushroom. I love that little mushroom. It's a tiny mushroom! Made of sugar and sprinkles! It's so cuuuute.

Meanwhile, while we were eating my dad and Debbie took both the girls on Jungle Cruise, and then my dad and Ellie rode the Dumbo ride. (Again, she really liked it, even though she looks hesitant in the picture.)

We went home after we finished our lunch (about 4:30). It was a perfect time to go home - it was getting colder, Ellie was tired but still happy, and we had been on plenty of rides.

Yay for a successful first trip to Disneyland!

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