Friday, January 31, 2014

Captain's Log, Week 197

What Ellie said this week:

(After bedtime, when we hear her knocking on her door and I go check on her.)
Ellie: "Mommy! Ellie's supposed to be asleep."
Me: "You're supposed to be asleep?"
Ellie: "Yeah, I supposed to be asleep. I read a book. I need my blankie. And Kai-Lan light."
Me: "Do you want more milk in your bottle?"
Ellie: "Yeah, mooore milk."

(Playing with playdough.)
Ellie: "I make nanomonkeys."
Me: "You made nanomonkeys?"
Ellie: "Yeah, I make nanomonkeys. Hot dog."

(Shoving her finger up her nose and then taking it out again.)
Ellie: "Don't pick your nose! Here's a tissue." (Hands me a booger.)

(To me, while playing with playdough.)
Ellie: "Honey-bean! I need help."

(To Jason, as we climb up the stairs to our apartment. She said this in a giggly voice.)
Ellie: "Those are my stairs, stinkergirl."

This one happened tonight, when we were brushing her teeth. I was blowing bubbles with my gum for her, which she thought was really funny. She was also playing with the water in the sink. I told her she could play for one more minute, and then when my watch said 7-1-8 (and I showed her my watch) it was time to put on her pajamas. After playing for a few moments, she looked at me and said: "One more bubble." And then, pointing at my watch: "Ten units of time."

And this last one is something she's said for a while, and says all the time. She says it to announce that she's woken up in the morning, woken up from her nap, or as a declaration that she doesn't want to take her nap or doesn't want to go to bed: "Ellie's awake!" She'll also count who else is awake (when it's morning or she's woken up from her nap), by saying "Mommy's awake!" or  "Daddy's awake!" or "Zelda's awake!" She likes everyone to be awake. :)

What we did this week:

We're still adjusting to Jason having the ten-hour shifts instead of the eight-hour ones, and this week was a bit more difficult. It feels like we haven't really seen each other very much. His long weekend is this weekend though, so hopefully we'll soon have a bit of time to just relax.

Other than that, this week:

Everett & Sarah came over for a visit:

(Zelda's pose in this picture reminds me of those Russian dancers that squat down and kick out their legs)
Ellie read this potty book (I love the sound effects):

On Saturday the girls and I went and hung out all day at my dad's house, and Ellie had a blast. She played with their dog Kingston for hours. King is a very friendly (if somewhat dim) dog, and he is great with Ellie.

This video is awesome. King is trying to get her shoe off (so he can take it away and chew it up), and he starts dragging her down the hall in an attempt to pull it off. She loves it.

Also, those socks Ellie is wearing? King definitely ingested half of one of those before the day was done.

Continuing on with what we did this week, we swung Zelda around like a pendulum and she loved it:

Ellie sang "The Wheels on the Bus," which we think she learned from nursery (I especially love the verse about lamps - "The lamps on the bus go lamp lamp lamp..."):

Ellie and Zelda cuddled in Zelda's chair together (one of them liked it more than the other):

Ellie played with Zelda in her room (this clip's a little longer, so I might classify it as a "grandparent clip," but it's really darn cute):

And Zelda slept. A lot:

And last but not least, here's a couple short clips of us playing "Walk walk walk walk run run run run run run run" with Zelda:

The other thing from our week I can think of to mention (is that sentence grammatically proper?) is that we took Zelda to the doctor's last Friday for a red, raised rash that was on her face, arms, legs, and the back of her head. She's also had very few *ahem* bowel movements this month. Her doctor said it's definitely an allergic reaction to something, and put in a referral with the allergist, who we'll be meeting with soon. In the meantime, he prescribed a topical corticosteroid oil that's really helped the inflammation go down. Her rash is barely present now, but it'll come back in the next couple weeks unless we see the allergist, figure out what she's allergic to, and eliminate it from her diet/environment. So we'll figure out what's bothering her.

And that was our week! :)

Books read: The Crown of Embers by Rae Carson and The Bitter Kingdom by Rae Carson

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  1. Tanner and I loved this post! Ellie and Zelda are sooo cute! We can't believe how big and how vocal Ellie is! She is amazing. And Zelda's smiles are so sweet. Our favorite verse in "The Wheels on the Bus" was the one before the clocks......:)


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