Friday, January 10, 2014

Captain's Log, Week 194

So this week Zelda had her 2-month appointment! She is 10 pounds, 6 ounces (a full pound heavier than Ellie was at two months), 22 1/2 inches long, and has a head circumference of 40 cm. She's in very similiar percentiles as Ellie was - small in weight (like 20th percentile), perfectly average in height (50th percentile), and biiig head (89th percentile). I love my big-headed babies. :)

What Ellie said this week

Ellie, while playing with play-doh: "I love you, caterpillars. I love you, caterpillars. I love you, caterpillars. I love you, caterpillars."

Ellie, while reading her Winnie-the-Pooh books on Sunday at bedtime: "Mama, it's time for Disneyland."

Ellie: "Mine!" (To family, friends, and random strangers who aren't even physically close to whatever she's claiming.)

Ellie, walking into the family room pushing her doll stroller: "Oh hi, Mommy! There you are. See you later! I'm going hiding." (She then pushed her stroller into her room at top speed and flopped face down on the cheetah chair, giggling and waiting for us to come find her.)

What we did this week

We had a pretty relaxed week and stayed mostly at home. One thing that's really exciting for us is that Jason (and everyone else at the night shift at his work) switched from eight-hour shifts to ten-hour shifts this week. So that means from now on he gets one more day off every week! He already always had Monday night off, and every other week he had Saturday and Sunday nights off too, but now he also gets every Tuesday off as well. Yaaay! Since it went into effect this week, he had Saturday, Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday nights off, and it was awesome.

Friday, Jan 3:

Ellie read a lot of books. Here she is reading "No No Yes Yes":

And here's a very dramatic reading of "Pooh's Grand Adventure":

(I think the "My friends are gone, my friends are gone" is actually coming from "Pooh's Grand and Wonderful Day." In that one, Pooh can't find his friends because it actually turns out they're all at his birthday party, which he forgot about. When we read that one, we knock on each of the animal's doors, and say something like "And then he went to Piglet's house. Knock knock knock. But Piglet wasn't there! Where did Piglet go? Where did my friends go?" and then when he finds them at the end, we're like "Yaaaay! Here's all my friends! They're at my birthday party!" And Ellie really likes the whole book. But when she read Winnie-the-Pooh this time she wanted it a bit more dramatic. :) )

And here's a video from that same day. It's got some cute footage of Zelda, but nothing much happens in this video (except Ellie howling to her home-video self) and honestly I put it in mostly for the grandparents:

Sunday, Jan 5:

On Sunday we had dinner at Jason's parents house. Ellie was thrilled because she got to play with her cousin Emily (who she asks for pretty much every day). It was fun to hang out with everybody. :)

Everett and Zelda!

Monday, Jan 6:

Here's Ellie eating a banana and being cute (this video's mostly for the grandparents):

Not too long after this video was taken, Ellie's cousin Emily came over and they got to play with each other for a couple hours.

Tuesday, Jan 7:

Here's Ellie coloring on Tuesday morning:

Later that day in the afternoon we went to the Orange County Zoo in Irvine Park. It was fun. :) 

If Ellie was an animal, this is what she'd be like:

Peacocks wander around everywhere at Irvine Park and in the zoo. This is actually the same peacock from different angles.

Ellie loved the goats. We got to pet them in the petting zoo for a couple minutes, and then it was time for their dinner. While we were in the petting zoo, some of the goats pooped, and from then on for the rest of the zoo trip she kept telling us that all the animals were pooping. It went something like this: "Ellie, do you see the bear?" "He's pooping!" "Well, no, but okay." "Ellie, look at the rabbits!" "He's pooping!" "They look like they're just sitting to me." "He's pooping!" "Okay." And so on and so forth.

(Also, as I'm typing up this post Ellie just randomly started asking for the goats. "Mama, go see the goats? Baaa! Go see more goats! Go see more goats!")

Wednesday, Jan 8:

Ellie decorated the butterfly in this quiet book:

And played ball with Daddy on top of her bookshelf:

Thursday, Jan 9:

Boy, this was a hard day. Ellie was in a bad mood, and having meltdowns every couple minutes. I think it was partly because she slept poorly then night before, but then she refused her nap too, and it was just very stressful for both of us. We made it through somehow.

Zelda was all right, though. :)

Despite the hard day, I did make homemade playdough! It turned out better than I was expecting. I'm going to do an extra little post about it tomorrow.

And that was pretty much our whole week! Like I said, it was pretty laid-back. I'm glad yesterday is over and I'm excited for Ellie to try out our homemade playdough. :)

Books read this week: The Arcade Catastrophe by Brandon Mull

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  1. I'm glad to know I'm not the only one with days like yesterday. Being two is hard and emotional. :) Good thing they are so cute, funny, and sweet the majority of the time!


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