Friday, January 3, 2014

Captain's Log, Week 193

Every December for the past three years I've taken a picture of Ellie next to the same stuffed Christmas rabbit. Above is Zelda's first picture next to the bunny, and below are Ellie's three pictures next to each other. It is amazing what a difference each year makes.

What Ellie said this week

Ellie tosses something into the back of the car with a thud.
Me: "What was that?"
Ellie: "Loud!"

"Should we open this?" - Ellie asks me this when she hands me things she wants to open, like play-doh. She asks this because it's what I ask her when talking about closed containers, but I find it funny she uses the same phrase back to me when she wants to open something because in her mind, the answer is always "Yes."

Ellie, several times this week (when she couldn't hear the computer or TV): "I can't see the sound."

Ellie: "Eat my toe."

Ellie: "Daddy, I want the candy up there, on the counter, by the bowl."

Ellie: "I need chocolate milk." (She's been drinking gallons of this lately.)

Ellie: (giggling) "It sploded. It sploded, Mommy." (about a tire that exploded in an app game about fixing cars)

Ellie: "Daddy's going in the white truck." - Jason borrowed one of his dad's trucks for one day almost a month ago, and since then Ellie's been convinced that he's driving around in this white truck all the time. If she wakes up in the morning and he's not there, he's driving around in the white truck. If she and Zelda and I get in our car and he's not there, he's in the white truck. If we're all in the car and he leaves for a moment to run into the grocery store, he's getting into the white truck.

Ellie: "Bumpy road, bumpy road, bumpy road." She's been saying this for months but this is the first time I've remembered to record it. We don't know where she got this; she'll just go around singing it over and over and over.

Ellie: "I love you, blanket."

What we did this week:

We saw Tiffany's family for one last time on Friday night. The girls made bracelets and took some pictures with Nana and Papa in their matching pajamas.

On the way home, we stopped at the grocery store across the street from our apartments and Jason ran in while I stayed outside with the girls. I was just sitting there, listening to the radio, when the car turned off. And wouldn't turn back on. Our battery had died. When Jason got back to the car, we called his brother Tyler (who lives at our same apartment complex) and he just happened to be a couple blocks away in his car, coming home. Neither he nor we had jumper cables, but guess what? We also happened to be in a parking lot with an AutoZone 100 feet away. So, our car died in pretty much the most convenient location at the most convenient time. Jason walked over to AutoZone and got jumper cables, and when Tyler got there we hooked up to the two cars and we were on our way. It worked out really well and we were back home in like 20 minutes.

Our friend Tyler got married last Saturday! We couldn't go to the ceremony itself because it was in the middle of the day and Jason had worked the night before, but went to his reception that night. We seriously love this guy and are so happy for him.

Also, we bought a bunch of frozen salmon (and some frozen tilapia too) at the grocery store. It was on sale, and we looove fish, and I am so happy that we have so much right now. We already had it for dinner twice this week and once for lunch.

On Sunday I got some cute/funny videos of Ellie. Here's one of her demonstrating her monkey toes, and also one of her reading a little bit:

The next day I got some really fun videos too. The first one's a cute one of Zelda, being pushed around in the doll stroller by Ellie,

this one's Ellie playing with her blocks and being silly,

and this one's Ellie looking like she's an eighty-year-old woman at a nursing home:

The next day on New Year's Eve we went to Disneyland, and it was a great trip. We were very relaxed about it and didn't try to rush around the park, and so the huge crowds of people weren't a problem. It was just fun and kind of like a giant party. We left in the late afternoon, and then Jason had work that night and the girls and I had a quiet night at home.

The next day on New Years, one of our ward member friends who's also our neighbor locked herself out of her apartment (she lives in a second-story apartment like us). She asked us for help, and Jason climbed up onto her balcony, went through her open balcony door, and let her in the front.

Later that day we went to the park, and Ellie played with the ducks and went on the playground.

And that was pretty much our whole week! I started my new year's resolutions and so far, so good, haha. Staying off the internet gave me time to re-read The Hobbit. I haven't read it for probably over ten years, and it's interesting reading and seeing a few lines where The Hobbit (originally published in 1937) doesn't quite line up with Lord of the Rings (published in 1954). Tolkien actually did go back and significantly revise the chapter "Riddles in the Dark" as he was writing Lord of the Rings to bring it more in line with the larger story, and all editions of the Hobbit since 1951 have had that new, revised chapter. Out of curiosity, I looked up the original chapter and found it here, and yes, it is very, very different, and I can definitely see why Tolkien changed it.

Annnnyway, I'm getting off onto a Lord of the Rings tangent because, hey, I love Lord of the Rings.

Books (re)read this week: The Hobbit

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