Thursday, December 5, 2013

Our Christmas Advent Calendar

For the last couple years I've really wanted to do a Christmas advent calendar every time December rolls around. I've seen lots of cute ideas on Pinterest (I especially like this book advent idea), but every year I forget to make one until it's too late. But not this year! This year I actually put one together! Last Sunday I realized it was the first day of December, and if I wanted to make an advent calendar I needed to make one that day. And I decided to go for it and just make a simple one so that we could do one this year.

I wanted our advent calendar focused on Christ, since he is the reason we celebrate Christmas and I really wanted him to be the focus of our home. And I found this awesome advent calendar that this woman put together, that's all about Christ! On the front of each day she has a picture of Christ, and on the back she has a scripture about him and an activity for the day. I used most of her scriptures (I switched a few out for some that I like even more) and a lot of her activities. Some of the activities seemed too old for Ellie, so I repeated a couple of the simple ones like "Read a Christmas Book" and "Sing Christmas Songs".

How I made our advent calendar was I made 25 squares out of scrapbook paper, wrote the scriptures and activities on the back and put a number on the front, and put those all on a corkboard that we have. On the top of the corkboard I put a picture of Mary, Joseph, and Jesus that I had from an old calendar that I kept the pictures from. And voila! Advent calendar. In the future I'll probably do a nicer, more permanent one like the woman in the link did, but this one's working just fine for this year. :)

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