Friday, December 27, 2013

Christmas Captain's Log (Week 192)

Merry Christmas! I hope you had a really good holiday week. :) Christmas Eve and Christmas are really kind of unbeatable holidays.

We've had a good, albeit kind of out-of-the-ordinary, Christmas week. Jason's sister Tiffany and her family flew in from Texas last Friday, which is great. We have loved spending time with them. What's not so great is that the stomach flu (norovirus, more specifically) flew in with them. We waited a day to go see them, and thought we were safe, but alas. One by one we all fell this week. Ellie got sick on Sunday night, I got sick on Christmas Eve, and Jason got sick yesterday. Ellie's all better now, but Jason and I are still recovering. So that kind of changed our Christmas plans - we were missing half the family at Jason's parents' house on Christmas Eve, and we didn't go to my Grandparents' house on Christmas (we didn't want to give it to everybody).

So like I said, a bit out-of-the-ordinary. We've been a little bit sick and missed a couple regular traditions. But it's still been good. Here's what we did do this week:

What Ellie said this week

A couple days before Christmas Ellie found two colorful kleenex boxes in the hall closet and brought them to me. "Look Mommy! Presents!" Me: "Presents? Oh wow! Do you want to open them?" Ellie: "Yeah!"

At some point this week, when we had taken off Ellie's clothes and diaper to do a clothes-change, Ellie jumped up and said, "I'm covered in naked!" Today she said another variant of that when she soaked her clothes with water: "I'm covered in cold!"

Ellie was reading a Berenstain Bears book this week, and pointing to the different bears: "Bruder Bear, and Sister Bear, and Jocelyn Bear, and Papa Bear."

Putting on her tights for church on Sunday - "Oh! Big sock!"

As I was moving a pile of books off her bed: "No Mommy, don't do that."

"Ackla!" (She said this over and over again last night as I was putting her to bed, and laughing and laughing like it was the funniest thing ever. I kept saying it back, and she would crack up. I love her laugh.)

Last night Ellie and I were looking at a book about Native Americans before she went to bed. On one page, she pointed to a Native American chief  and declared, "That's a Mormon." Oh, okay. (Thinking about this later, we think she must have got this from her illustrated Book of Mormon that we read to her often. We tell her we're reading the Book of Mormon, and the illustrations in it naturally look like Native Americans, so, yeah! She made the connection. Good to know she's listening to something as we chase her around her room doing scripture study.)

Another book that we were reading, Ellie was pointing to the words on the page and saying made-up words as she did, "reading" what was there. Then she took my finger, pointed it to the words on the page, and said "Count with me!"

On Christmas night before bedtime Ellie and I were playing with her new play-doh set. We made long, cylindrical pieces of play-doh come out of the top of this palm tree that's part of the set, and Ellie picked one up and cupped it in her hand. Speaking softly, she said, "Look, it's a caterpillar. It's okay, little guy." (Stroking it with her other hand.) "He's sleeping. Shhhhh." (Then she made snoring noises.)

And finally, as we were saying her nighttime prayers last night, Ellie contributed to the prayer of her own accord for the first time. I was saying, "Dear Heavenly Father, Mommy and Daddy thank you for Ellie -" and she added, in a whisper, "And Zelda."

Also, a few bonus quotes from our niece Aubrey this week:

(This was the very first thing Aubrey said to us when we saw her this week, after they had flown her from Texas.) Aubrey, shaking her head and sighing: "I have so many sisters."

Aubrey (age 6), to James (Jason's dad) while teaching him karate: "Just do your very best, and however good you do, I'll be proud of you."

What we did this week

On Saturday we went to the Thomas's house to see Tiffany's family and to have a birthday for Brynn, their youngest daughter.

Tiffany and the babies :)

On Sunday we went to church, came home for Ellie's nap, then went to the Thomas's again for Michael (Jason's brother)'s birthday dinner. Everyone came over, all the siblings and spouses and cousins, and it was great.
The girls before church. :)

Also, at one point at the night, Ellie ran into the room looking like this:

On Monday, we spent a nice morning at home and then played with the cousins more in the afternoon and evening.

This is Aubrey and Jason, as drawn by Aubrey. (Aubrey's on the left, Jason's on the right.)

Christmas Eve:

This first video of the normally very, very active Ellie, taken on the morning of Christmas eve, illustrates how tired the stomach flu made us all at different points before this week. We took Christmas Eve morning very easy. :)

These next couple videos crack me up. ("I want an oooorange!")

Later that day we went to Jason's parents house for the traditional Christmas Eve get together. We played with the cousins and all got penguin pajamas. 

Aubrey with her chalk drawing of a Christmas tree and a plate of carrots and onions for the reindeer
The girls installing a palm frond as a "Christmas tree" in the dirt
Nana telling the nativity story
On Christmas we woke up and unwrapped our presents by our little Christmas tree. We went to Jason's parents' house after that, and then my Dad and Debbie's house, and then came home and relaxed for the rest of the day. It was a good day and Ellie loved unwrapping presents. She was usually more interested in unwrapping the next gift than in pausing to see what she had just unwrapped. :) When we got home, though, then she got interested in her new toys and spent the rest of the day playing with them.

Yesterday Ellie played with her cousins more, and we're headed over there right now to see them one last time before they go back to Texas.

Again, I hope you had a great Christmas. :) Enjoy these last couple day of the year!

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  1. haha! oh I love the quotes from Ellie! so so funny! Oh why oh why don't we live closer??? I just want to see her and let Bradley play with her. I think they would have fun together. And of course, I want to see you and meet Zelda! dah!


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