Friday, December 13, 2013

Captain's Log, Week 190

Happy Friday! I want to start off today's post by telling you a story. Last night Ellie and Zelda were sitting in the armchair in Ellie's room. Ellie leaned over to Zelda so that they were face to face, and I thought, "Oh, how sweet, she's going to give her a kiss!" And then Ellie stuck out her tongue and started licking Zelda's face. Jason and I started laughing, and I was laughing so hard I had to put my face down on the chair (I was sitting next to it) for a moment. When I looked up again, Ellie was licking the side of Zelda's head and her ear. Jason and I finally regained enough control to say, "No no, Ellie, we don't lick Zelda," but it was definitely a highlight of our day.

So what did we do this week? Well, last Friday we went to my aunt and uncle's house, where one of my cousins was having a little birthday party for one of her daughters. I got to see some of my aunts and uncles and cousins, which was awesome. Ellie had a really fun time playing with balloons and my cousin's son whose the same age as her.

We did have an "incident" in the car on the way there, though - Ellie threw up in her carseat. We think she must have been carsick. It was sad. She started crying. She said, "Burp," (like she was telling us she burped) and then "Yucky, yucky, yucky." We were just a couple blocks from my aunt and uncle's house, so we finished driving there and then cleaned her (and the mess, as best as we could) all up. Luckily we had some clean pajamas with us, so we changed Ellie out of her clothes into her pjs. (And no worries - she was fine and happy after that.) We used baby wipes to clean the mess up as best as we could. It took us the next couple days at home to clean up the entire mess - we had to pull out and disassemble the carseat, and wash the inside of the car. But it's finally all clean.

Here are some short, cute videos of Ellie dancing earlier that day (she's got a musical Dora microphone she's dancing to):

The next day, we got to see a lot of my dad. We had breakfast with him at a pancake house in the morning, and then he came over to our apartment that afternoon. It was pouring rain in the morning, by the way - it was great. We got soaked coming out of the pancake place, though. :)

Also, someone in our ward gave us three big bags of baby girl clothes on Saturday. I spent a lot of the day going through them, and we kept a whole bunch, and there are still two and a half bags left! If anyone in the area needs baby girl clothes (newborn to six months), let me know!

That same night we had our ward Christmas party. It was nice. We had dinner at a table with some of our neighbors, and then there was a couple musical numbers, and then the kids got to meet Santa. Ellie was excited to meet Santa, right up until the moment when she actually did:

We went over to my dad's house the next day, on Sunday. It was really fun. He had fires going in both of his fireplaces, which was really cozy, and we hung out for hours. We all sat in front of one of the fireplaces like at least an hour, talking, and it was just great. Cozy fires at Christmastime = happiness.

Here is Zelda on Monday, looking as pretty as ever:

After I took these pictures of Zelda, Ellie came over with one of her socks on her hand. We played a game for a couple minutes where she would come over with the sock on her hand, I would pull it off, she would take it and go a couple feet away and put it back on, and she would came back and I would pull it off again. She was having a great time. She thought it was really funny that her sock was on her hand. Ah, toddler humor. :)

We also went to Trader Joe's that same day. Ellie's favorite part of the trip, as always, was playing with the letters on the magnet board. This time, she put a bunch of letters into long strings and then told me what words they were.

The top word - beginning with "Y" - is "elephant." The one Ellie is pointing to is "giraffe."
The word she's currently spelling (that looks like "Zpugki") is "zebra."

Here are Jason, Ellie, and Zelda that night. So much of my happiness, in one picture.

The next day (and the next after that) Ellie watercolored. I set her up on the kitchen floor with the watercolors, a paintbrush, and a bunch of paper. She loved it. She was really good about painting on just the paper, too, although her high chair does have some lovely new designs on the back of one of the legs, and I had to clean up some little spills of paint off the floor.

Here's my favorite painting of hers from this week:

And finally, Jason returned to work this week. It's been sooo nice having him home on paternity leave since Zelda was born, but all things must come to an end. We've got a new schedule to readjust to - Jason going back to work at night and me watching the girls while he gets his sleep during the day - so we'll see how that goes this week.

Here's a very cute, very short video of the girls that we made for Daddy this week:

Oh, and one last thing - I am now definitely, officially a Dr. Who fan. I went back and watched season one this week (we started on season two because we liked the lead better), and I've been listening to Dr. Who music on Youtube, and pinning Dr. Who stuff on Pinterest, and yeah - kind of a little bit obsessed at the moment. But it's great.

And that was our week! I hope yours was good too. :)

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