Friday, December 6, 2013

Captain's Log, Week 189

This is how we roll.

Today is going to be a picture-heavy post. There's just so many cute pictures of the girls from this week and I know my mom will want to see them all. :)

First of all, Zelda's starting to smile! She's been giving us cute little smiles for the last couple days. We love it. It's the best.

Ellie's continuing to be a great big sister. She brings Zelda toys, food, diapers, etc. all the time, and occasionally leans over and hugs her and says "I love you Zelda." (Sometimes when she says "Zelda" it sounds like "Soda." A couple nights ago I thought she was saying something about Daddy and soda, and then I realized she was saying Zelda.) Sometimes she wants Zelda in specific places, like on the cheetah armchair in her room (which she calls the "cuddle couch"), or on the couch in the front room, or in her high chair with her.

Zelda, surrounded by Ellie's gifts.

Something fun we did this week was build forts. We built one on Saturday, and Ellie loved it. She brought all her stuffed animals into it.

Then the next day on Sunday, we asked Ellie what she wanted to wanted to do. She thought for a minute, then said, "Billfor!" It took a second, but then we realized what she was trying to say. "Build a fort?" we asked. "Build a fort!" she repeated. So we built another one. :)

This one, too, was filled with animals.

Ellie also dressed up this week. She got into her hair accessories drawer, put on a headband, and put a bunch of her little hairbands on her fingers.

And yesterday she played with her quiet books. She put some of the Mr. Potato head clothes on herself:

Last night the girls played on the couch:

And here's a bunch more of Zelda this week:

One kind of cool thing that happened this week was that I hit a million views on my two blogs combined (this one reached 655,000 and my quiet book blog reached 345,000). We're going to do something celebratory for that, but we don't know what yet.

Other than that, our week was pretty low-key again. We had a second Thanksgiving dinner with Jason's family last Friday. Zelda went to church for the first time on Sunday, and she did really well (I had her strapped to me in the moby wrap the whole time, and she slept through pretty much all of it). We started our Christmas advent calendar. We went to the park on Wednesday. I got a new phone (which I'm excited about because I'll finally be able to charge my battery. My last phone had problems with the charging port from almost the very beginning, and I've had it for two years. So having a reliable charging port is going to be awesome.). I'm having trouble thinking of anything else noteworthy we did.

Oh, I remembered one thing! We've been watching Dr. Who. Like, a lot of Dr. Who. We started on season 2 (we watched the first episode of season 1, but didn't like the lead so much) and are now in the middle of season 3. We like it.

And that was our week. :)

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