Wednesday, December 4, 2013

A Day at the Park

Today, to get out of the apartment, we went to the park. Carbon Canyon Park, to be exact. Jason suggested it, and it was a great idea; it was such a beautiful park with a lake right in the middle, lots of trees, and four different playgrounds for Ellie to play on! And one of the playgrounds was huge! It had - we counted - fourteen slides.

On the way to the car, we heard a very dance-y version of "Last Christmas" blasting from one of our neighbor's apartments, and Ellie started dancing as we walked down the sidewalk. Here's just the last couple seconds of her dancing (and when she's walked a couple feet farther and can't hear the music anymore, she asks "Where'd the dancing go?"):

Here's the park itself. Right when we first got there and were walking down the hill from the parking lot to the park, there were a ton of birds (probably a hundred American Coots and a dozen or so Canada Geese) grazing on the grass. Ellie got really excited when she saw them and ran straight for them. "There's lots of birds! Lots of birds!" and she just kept saying that over and over as she chased them around. "Lots of birds! Lots of birds!" And all of the birds retreated to the lake. :)

Check out this first playground; just look at all those slides! It had two sets (right there on the front) of three attached slides. We all (Ellie, Jason, and me and Zelda) went down at the same time. We did it a couple times, and Ellie picked a new slide for herself each time and Jason and I would go on the other two.

These horses (and the swings pictured above) were at the second playground. This playground was smaller, more Ellie-sized. And we loved the horses. :)

And here's the third and fourth playgrounds (off in the distance):

Ellie was walking along the edge of this playground and "falling down." (Also, right after this video finished I was attacked by evil, vicious, aggressive ants. They bit my feet. Multiple times. And I sqooshed them. And ran away.)

And that was our trip to the park!

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