Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013 in Review

It is the very last day of 2013! Today we're going to Disneyland. This is how I feel about that:

Time to look back at 2013! 

New nephews we gained: Max, Ezra, and Everett
Most fun date: Anniversary trip to Disneyland
Our favorite new restaurant: Stefano's Golden Baked Hams
Our favorite movies: Catching Fire and The Hobbit
Our favorite TV shows: Sherlock, Downton Abbey, Fringe, Doctor Who
Most visited parks: Yorba Regional, Jessamyn West, Hurless Barton
Zoos we went to: Orange County, Santa Ana
Beaches we went to: Crystal Cove, Huntington

And as for my 2013 resolutions:

How I did, in a nutshell

You might remember that at the beginning of the year I started a "happiness project." The structure of the project was to have one new theme each month with an overarching goal and individual resolutions, adding to my cumulative resolutions each month. And I really did like the structure of that project - adding something new each month kept my goals fresh in my mind and kept renewing them.

Unfortunately, the middle of March is when I got really sick with Zelda's pregnancy and stopped doing pretty much anything. As even normal daily tasks became too hard to do and I scaled back to the basics, the happiness project went out the window.

I picked it back up again in July, listing my very most important resolutions that I wanted to focus on. And you know what? Looking at that list from July, I did pretty okay on those resolutions for the rest of the year. Not perfect, for sure. We could still improve at family home evening and I want to go to the temple more this year, but I did okay. And I feel good about it. I made progress this last year.

What petered out that I want to try again

My weekly "What We Believe" column.  I did it once a week in September and October, and only stopped when Zelda was born and we were busy with a newborn. I enjoyed doing that series of posts and I want to start it up again. I think it would be best if I have a defined number of them to do (even if it's completely arbitrary) - like, twelve - so I'll be more motivated to do them, because there will be a finish point in the future. So, I should plan those and have my number and then go forth and do.

I also want to read more books. For some reason I just didn't read that many for the second half of the year. So time to read again!

Another thing I'd like to try again, if possible, is a book club with some of my friends (you know who you are, haha. I'll be sending you guys a message through Facebook.). We tried one last year and read and discussed the first book and read the second, but never found a time to discuss the second book and it kind of petered out after that. I think we could try it again if we structure it more. Perhaps one book every 2 months, picked out beforehand (like, we pick out the whole year's books at the beginning), and with a scheduled day & time for the discussion set beforehand (like we set February's discussion time at the beginning of January). So I want to try that again, if they're willing.

What went well

Our Captain's Log posts. These are the weekly posts that I've been doing that since September now, and I love them! They've really helped me keep on top of sharing our pictures and documenting what we've been up to. This blog is, first and foremost, a way to document our family's life, and the Captain's Log posts have been perfect for that. Since they're a scheduled thing every week, I make sure to do them. It helps me because I don't feel like I have to blog all the time, but I don't fall behind either. It's perfectly in the middle!

Another thing I've liked this year is this little red notebook I have. I've been using it all year - since right before the beginning of the year, actually, as a catch-all notebook where I write down everything I want to write down. Lists, ideas, appointments, notes, Ellie quotes - whatever I feel like. It helps me to not forget things. My brain forgets things easily. And I know they're there, and I know I've forgotten them, but I can't remember what they are. This helps me remember my thoughts. It's my brain on paper. It decreases my anxiety, because it greatly lessens the feeling I have all the time that I'm forgetting something. This notebook is my memory. Paper doesn't forget. It isn't any kind of resolution or anything, it's just sort of something I've been doing this year - writing everything down in my little flower notebook - and I love it.

What I want to do this year

Tune in tomorrow for my 2014 resolutions!

2013 was a great year that ended with us adding a new member to our family. We are excited for what the next year brings!

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  1. I'm game for the book club! I read more this past year than any previous year and really enjoyed it. And I think its smart to have it all planned out far in advance. :) Also, we should chat soon! Tommy goes back to work next week, so I'll give you call.


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