Friday, November 1, 2013

Captain's Log, Week 184

Happy first day of November! I hope you had a great Halloween yesterday.

I loved scrolling through my Facebook feed last night and seeing pictures of everyone's costumes. Ellie, as you can see, was a bumblebee. We took a lot of pictures yesterday and they'll be posting tomorrow. :)

This week we carved pumpkins on Monday night. Jason carved a My Little Pony this year. It was awesome! He carved Rainbow Dash, if you're familiar with the different ponies. Look how cool she looks!

I carved my usual guy. Here they are last night, a couple of days since we carved them, already melting into the pumpkin goo piles they will eventually become:

We went to our ward Halloween party a couple days before we carved pumpkins, last Friday night. It was fun; we hung out with Sarah and Tyler and some of our friends from the ward, Kurt and Candy (and their two little boys, one of whom is Ellie's age). Ellie had a blast. She liked eating all of our nachos (it was a chili cook-off) and playing with this decorative tree in the middle of the cultural hall. The tree was little, covered in purple Halloween lights, had black paper and plastic bats hanging from it, and had pumpkins all around it. It was like a magnet to Ellie; she spent almost all of her time there, and would occasionally want to go somewhere else and check something else out at the party, but would always eventually come back to the tree. She also loved all of the other little kids running around, and spent a good amount of time just twirling in circles.

This blur of motion pretty much captures what Ellie is like 90% of the time.

Also this week, Ellie hijacked the new baby's sleeper/rocker thing. She's just under the top of the weight limit for it, and she pushes it around the apartment and climbs in at random spots. Here she is taking a nice rest at the bookcase:

She also got a hold of a bag of M&M's one day. When I asked her what she was doing, she did this:

"Ellie, what are you doing?" "Hiding." "You're hiding?" "Yeah."

We played on the balcony pretty much every day this week. It's so nice to have a little outdoor space for Ellie. I do wish there wasn't that gap between the bottom of the fence and the balcony. We lost a sippy cup through that space yesterday; it fell down into our neighbor's patio and I haven't had the guts to go ask for it back yet. But that aside, the balcony's great. I love being able to let her out on it, and she loves playing out there.

Other news this week: Our friend Daniel got home from his mission yesterday. He's been serving in Fort Worth, Texas mission for the last two years, and last night we got to go see him at his house! It was so cool, and we're so excited that he's back.

And in pregnancy news, we're just waiting! We try to be ready every day in case I go into labor. I've had a lot of minor contractions this week, but nothing that has led to labor (obviously). Sometime soon. :)

And that was our week!

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