Tuesday, November 26, 2013

B is for Monkey

Lately Ellie has been doing this funny thing where she takes her baby stroller into her room, loads it up with books, and then brings it out to the family room where she unloads it. And then she does it again. And again. And again. And most of the time she wants to read some (or all) of the books. After a while there is a mountain of books in the family room.

Even though it makes a big mess, I'm glad that she's been doing this. It helps us to read more books during the day, and then she's okay with reading less at night during her bedtime routine. And now Jason cleared out a shelf on her toy shelves in the family room, and filled it just with books so they're more accessible (and not all back in her bedroom).

We got her this new book (pictured above) a couple weeks ago, called "Animal Alphabet" or something like that. It's actually really cool; for each letter of the alphabet it has an animal, and you slide this little piece of cardboard back and forth so that when it's on one side, you see the uppercase and lowercase letter and half the animal, and when you slide it to the other side you can see the full animal. Does that make sense? So you can look at it and be like, "I is for...(slide the cardboard)...Iguana!" Ellie really likes it.

I was really impressed the other day when she picked up the book, opened it to the first page, and said, "B is for...Bear!" I was like, "Good job, Ellie! B is for bear!" And then she turned it to the next page, and said, "B is for...Camel!" And I was like, "Well, not quite, C is for -" but she was already on to "B is for...Elephant!" and I was like, "Hang on just a second there Ellie, E -" but I was being drowned out by "B is for...Frog!"

B was for every animal. She went through that entire book, and B was for everything. "B is for...jaguar!" "B is for...kangaroo!" "B is for...monkey!" I tried to correct her by saying the right letter each time, and sometimes she would repeat the right one, but then she would move right on to the next animal, and B was definitely the right letter for that one. She has B down. She knows, without a doubt, that some words in the English language start with B.

Oh, Ellie. :)

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