Saturday, October 12, 2013

Pumpkin Patch

Yesterday evening Jason, Ellie, and I went to the pumpkin patch. It was the first time Ellie's ever been to one, and she really liked it. :) She's been pointing out all the "happy pumpkins!" (jack-o-lanterns) for weeks, so we wanted to take her where there were lots of pumpkins. And she thought it was very exciting.

She kept running up to the tin bucket (above, to the left) where they had lots of tiny pumpkins. She would choose one, bring it back to this little table they had, sit down, then run back to the bucket and exchange it for another one a minute later.

At one point, we plopped her down on the top of a bunch of big pumpkins to try to get a picture. That didn't work since she immediately climbed down, but she then seemed to have the idea of sitting on pumpkins stuck in her mind, and ran up to these scattered pumpkins by the fence and sat on several different ones. 

And, as a final activity, Ellie decided that the pumpkins on top of the hay bales needed  rearranging. She moved nearly all the pumpkins (all the ones she could lift) from one hay bale over to this other one across the way.

And that was Ellie's first trip to a pumpkin patch!

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