Friday, October 11, 2013

Captain's Log, Week 181

Happy Friday, friends! I am writing this from our new apartment, which means...we have internet! Yay! The guy came yesterday morning and set us up.

Here's what's been happening with us this week:
  • My dad is in the news! One of his cases he's working on right now is about a giant emerald (850 pounds), and all the different people claiming to own it. National Geographic has actually even done a documentary on this emerald before, and are filming the trial so they can put it in a future documentary. Pretty cool stuff.
  • I hit the "36 weeks pregnant" mark. You probably already saw my pregnancy update; a further update is that I finished my antibiotics last night and am feeling pretty good so far.
  • This is pretty much my wildest dreams come true:

      You know those little marshmallows that come in hot chocolate packets? I love those little marshmallows. And my whole life I always wanted more than what came in the packets. I mean, they give you like eight! Eight little marshmallows for a whole mug of hot chocolate! *Shaking head.* Even the "marshmallow lovers" kind, with a separate packet filled with marshmallows, doesn't quite have enough. And after several years, I began to think to myself, why don't they sell these separately? They should sell these separately. Where is this product that should exist? And I looked for it and looked for it, and it was nowhere to be found. And that made me sad. 
      And then one day at 7-11 I was getting hot chocolate, and there they were! In the hot chocolate toppings! They had a canister of little marshmallows. But it wasn't any kind of name brand, and the canister said it was specifically made for the 7-11 company. So, I couldn't buy them. I thought for the next couple years (I'm serious) about writing to the 7-11 company and asking where I could buy them. When we moved back to California last year, during some conversation with Jason's family I mentioned my fruitless quest to find and buy the little marshmallows. And then one completely normal day, out of the blue, Jason's mom came home with them!!! Kraft apparently started making and selling them, and she found them at Target! And that was a glorious day. And so we've had a steady supply of little marshmallows for the last year.
      And then a couple weeks ago I was at the 99 cents store (California's big chain of dollar stores), and I found them for a dollar! So that was awesome, and I got some. And then yesterday I was at the 99 cents store again, and they were on sale three for a dollar! THREE FOR A DOLLAR! Do you know how amazing this is? Like I said, my wildest dreams have come true. I bought six. And am seriously thinking about going back and getting more. Happy happy happy.
    • Jason got his flu shot. Since he works at a hospital, he can just get it there. I still need to call Ellie's pediatrician and schedule hers; I should really do that today so they can get her in sometime next week.
    • It rained here on Wednesday! For several hours. It was awesome. Very very wet and cold, and totally autumn-y, and it made being inside feel really cozy and nice. And it had that wonderful rain-smell.
    • Ellie's still watching Lion King pretty much every day. The best thing to come out of that this week are her names for Timon and Pumba: "Joomom" and "Bumbum." The first time she said them I didn't know what she was referencing...then I figured it out...and couldn't stop laughing. Joomom and Bumbum. Oh my goodness. My new favorite thing.

    Aaannnnnnd....that's pretty much our whole week!

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