Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Emily's 2nd Birthday Party

On Saturday our niece Emily had her second birthday party. :) It was in Lake Elsinore at Michael and Shelley's house, and we had a great time. Ellie loooved getting to play with Emily. (They both call each other "E," by the way. Ellie calls Emily "Emi" (or some varation thereof) about half the time, and "E" the other half, and Emily always calls Ellie "E.")

Anyway, Shelley asked me to take pictures of the party, so we have a ton! Here's Emily's second birthday party.

The last pictures are from when everyone else went hoe, and Emily and Ellie were still playing together. They were going to "sleep" in the guest bed, and then "waking up" really excitedly. Over and over and over. It's apparently a very fun thing to do. :)

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