Thursday, September 12, 2013

Ellie Update

I've been wanting to do a post about Ellie for a while now, but I don't know where to start. She's getting so old and so big and so advanced. I'll just do bullet points of the things I can think of at the moment.
  • She's really advanced in her language development. She has an extremely large vocabulary and uses tons of words each day, all in their right context. She's also started to talk in full sentences,  not just about what she wants or what she's playing with or eating or where she wants to go (she does all of that stuff too), but also conversational sentences that are for the sake of conversation. For example, we were at the park yesterday, and Ellie was in the toddler swing and I was pushing her. Another little girl was swinging next to her, which she liked and kept giggling about. And then as I was pushing Ellie, she looked at me and said clearly, "I like swings." Then she repeated it again. "I like swings." "You like swings?" I asked her. And she smiled and nodded really big.
  • She can count to 13. She's never gone 1-13 all in one go, but she's counted from 1-6 and from 7-13 separately on multiple occasions. She also knows a couple higher numbers, like sixteen and twenty, but she doesn't connect them together yet. We owe a lot of this one to Team UmiZoomi, which is one of her favorite shows (and is all about numbers). 
  • She knows the whole alphabet (letter names and sounds) and most of her numbers from 1-10. She loves to point them out and name them in books, on signs, and on clothes.
  • She really loves songs and to sing. She knows a lot of the words (or sounds) to the songs we sing her most often, and she'll sing along (with what she knows) to the bedtime songs we sing her. She'll also start singing nursery songs in the middle of the day (that she learned from nursery and we don't sing at home very often or at all), and we'll have to try and figure out what song she's singing so we can sing along with her (which she loves).
  • Something cute from this week was when Ellie was taking a bath, and she was naming her different body parts. First she pointed to her shoulder and said "Shoulder." Then she pointed to her elbow and said "Elbow." And then she pointed to her belly button and said "Ellie's button." And I cracked up.
  • Another funny thing from last week was when she wanted Jason's mom ("Nana") to play with her. Jason's mom had just gotten home from work and was eating her dinner, and Ellie kept coming up to her and saying "Nana, play toys?" over and over. Jason's mom would tell her "In a minute Ellie, I'm eating my dinner." Finally, after the 6th or 7th request, Ellie came over, pulled up her shirt and shoved it underneath her neck, stuck out her belly, and said in the deepest, most commanding voice she had, "Play toys!" It was so funny that all of us started laughing and Jason's mom gave in to go play toys with her.
  • Currently, one of her favorite activities is to "paint" in the bathtub. This is an idea I found on pinterest, and has been really fun and successful. How we do it is I'll fill up a cupcake tin with shaving cream (from the dollar store), mix in food coloring, put her in the tub (usually empty) with it, and let her get it everywhere. She half uses her hands and half uses the paint brushes we give her, and she loves it. Here she is "painting" a couple days ago:

  • Surprisingly, the food coloring washes off pretty easily. As long as I use soap, it comes right off her skin. If I just use water it's still there, but soap takes it right off. And it rinses out of the tub with no problem.
  • I swear she's grown two inches just this week. Her legs look a mile long to me and I keep doing a double-take when I look at her, just surprised at how tall she is. And it was so sudden - definitely a growth spurt.
  • Finally, I'll leave you with this video from earlier this week. Her Nana had just brought home some butterfly wings and new necklaces to wear, and Ellie was excited about them and was twirling around and around in them. It's long, but I'll leave the full version here for whoever might want to watch it (*cough*Hi Mom!*cough*). The first little part is cute if you don't have time to watch the full thing.

And that's the current Ellie update!


  1. she is so cute!! Her and Bradley would be best friends if we lived closer. He does that same thing where every time he falls down (even on purpose) he always says, "oh! you okay?" and her silly laugh reminds me of his. Love her talking. :)

  2. Happy days,apply times,happy,happy,happy girl.Perfect.

  3. Hahaha! I got such a laugh out of "stuck out her belly and said, play toys!" I can just see that. I know you are loving every minute of this li'l cutie pie!

    Love, Joy


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