Tuesday, August 6, 2013

The Monkey Backpack

We're going to Utah today! My sister just had a baby last week, and is moving to Florida in another week, and I really want to see her (and the rest of the family in Utah) before she goes. And, well - okay. Okay. Don't judge.

I got Ellie a monkey harness.

The reason I got it is that it's just me and Ellie going - no Jason. He's got to stay in California and work. So, Ellie and I are flying up, and I'm going to navigate the airport and airplane with her by myself. And that makes me so nervous! She's so energetic, and I'm just nervous about the whole thing, and then I thought - hey, what about those monkey backpacks? I could get her one of those, and then she'll be attached to me the whole time. And instantly I just felt more calm and relaxed about the whole thing.

She loves it. :) She loves monkeys (she calls them "Otees" right now) and likes playing with and wearing this one. We've been putting it on her for the last week so she's gotten used to it, and it won't be a new weird thing to her when we get to the airport.

I'm so excited to go to Utah! I can't wait to see all my family and the new baby (who I'll post about soon). We're going to be there today through Saturday.

My "airplane survival kit" for entertaining Ellie includes:

  • Our video camera. She loves watching videos of herself, and there's a bunch on there.
  • Our little camera. She also loves taking pictures of herself.
  • A "color wonder" coloring book and set of markers. These markers only work on the special paper - they don't get on clothes, or skin, or anything else. Just the paper. Perfect for traveling! And Ellie loves markers. When we bought them yesterday, she kept wanting to play with them.
  • A regular little coloring book and a couple (not too many) crayons.
  • A couple sheets of stickers. She can put them on the coloring book, or my arms, or wherever. Also, they're "My Little Pony" stickers, and she likes My Little Pony, so, perfect.
  • An ipad with her favorite apps and videos loaded onto it. This ipad was a gift to her from my dad last Christmas (it's his old ipad and he got a new one), and she actually learned all her letters from an alphabet app on it. She hasn't played with it for a while (it's been put away), so I think she'll be excited to see it and play with it.
  • Snacks and a sippy cup (which I'll fill with water once we get inside the airport). 
  • And headphones. For all of the noisy electronic things above. The headphones are kind of too big for her - she is a toddler, after all - so I'll probably be using one hand to hold them on the whole time. Oh well. As long as she's content, I'll do it.

In the meantime, I have a bucket load of recap posts coming your way. I finally uploaded to Blogger all the pictures from this summer (some even going back to April), and will be posting like four posts a day this whole week. I know it's a ton, but I just want to get them all on the blog for journal/family history purposes (and to give Jason some pictures of Ellie to look at while we're gone). :) So, I hope you have a great week! And just know there's a ton of posts coming your way. :)

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  1. I think Ellie looks really cute and it is such a good idea. Safe is best. Have the best holiday,especially meeting the new baby xx


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