Saturday, August 10, 2013

Summer Recap: The Tomato Worm

A couple weeks ago Ellie and I were playing in the backyard, and I was looking at our pepper plants. Suddenly, I realized that one of the branches of the plant wasn't a branch - it was a GINORMOUS caterpillar. I pulled it off and held it in my hand. It was about four or five inches long, and as thick as one of my fingers. I showed it to Jason's mom, who identified it as a tomato worm. We moved it to a different plant (the one in the pictures below) so that it wouldn't keep eating our peppers. Ellie was really amused by it but also a little nervous - she didn't want to touch it for a while, although she did eventually touch it and try to pick it up.

I have a big soft spot for caterpillars. I know they're pests in a garden, but they're just so cuuute. And squishy. How can you resist something so squishy? (My liking of squishy things might explain why sea cucumbers are one of my favorite animals. I love those things. And they're like the squishiest animals in existence.)

Annnnyway...that was the tomato worm. :)

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