Friday, August 9, 2013

Summer Recap: Jason's Birthday

Jason turned 25 this year! He had his birthday in the beginning of July. (Man, I love Jason. He is the best.) We did a couple fun things the week of his birthday. On Thursday, we went to my dad's house and had dinner. They had a really yummy, really cute cake for him (and little red velvet cupcakes - mmm) and we all ate dinner and hung out in my dad's pretty backyard.

On Friday, Jason's actual birthday, we went to a cool park not too far away from us. It had two big playgrounds: one that looked like a pirate ship and one that looked like a castle. It was really cool. The history behind it is that there used to be another playground here for years and years, but it burnt down in the really big Yorba Linda fires in 2008. The neighborhoods and community around donated money for a new park to be built, and this is what they did. So cool! (Even the ground was cool. It was that rubbery playground ground, and it was swirly blue and brown. Under the ship it was blue, like water, and under the castle it was brown like land.)

They also have a really pretty memorial garden on one side of the park, and since the park is on a hill it has a pretty overlook of Yorba Linda. I really liked the garden a lot.

Ellie loved the swings most. Jason played a game with her on the swings where he would pretend that she was kicking him as she swung forward. She thought it was so funny. :)

One of Jason's birthday presents was a new pair of running shoes. Ellie helped him unwrap them, and then put one shoe on him and one shoe on herself, and then wanted him to walk around the house with her. So he did. And it was adorable.

In the late afternoon/evening Jason's brother Tyler, his wife Sarah, our sister-in-law Shelley, and her daughter Emily all came over and we had pulled barbecue pork sandwiches.

Another cake from one of Jason's coworkers. 

It was a fun day. :) And Jason is the best.

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