Friday, August 9, 2013

Summer Recap: Getting Muddy

Here are some more pictures of our garden, from July.

This is an adorable little lizard we found:

Unbeknownst to us, he was actually the first of many. Over the course of July we actually saw a lot of these little guys in the backyard,some in little groups of 3-4, others by themselves. A lizard must have had her babies in our backyard. Which is awesome. (I love lizards. Also, when we were living in St. George, one of our friends from BYU {who was down doing the same internship Jason was} mentioned that she saw her first lizard that week. And we were like, oh, cool, your first lizard in St. George? And she was like, no, my first lizard ever. And we were like....:O. I think she was from Washington. It was hard for me to imagine someone never having seen a lizard before, since I grew up seeing them all the time.)

Here's what our garden looked like in July. You can see that the squash has really bloomed and grown everywhere (including on top of half the carrots), while the green beans in the back have begun their slow descent. The squash is even bigger now than when we took this picture, while the green beans only have about a third remaining.

And our basil continues on its quest to become a bush. I really need to take a current picture of it so you can see how huge it is.
And here is Ellie both muddy and cute, like she pretty much always is:

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