Monday, August 19, 2013

Our Utah Trip

A week and a half ago Ellie and I were able to go to Utah to visit family. We flew up on Tuesday August 6 and flew back down on Saturday August 10,  and had lots of fun in between.

First: the airplane trip. I was pretty nervous about his, if you remember my post about the monkey harness. But it wasn't too bad. Ellie was good in the airport, and even though we had a middle seat on the plane, she was pretty good there too. She played with stickers, her color wonder markers, and the ipad, and was only a little hard to control. And she did good on the take-off and landing, too. No ear popping issues. :) I did end up covered in stickers, though. And I apologized to the people sitting next to us on either side, in case they found stickers on themselves later, but they were nice and just laughed it off.

The first day in Utah (Tuesday night) we pretty much just hung out at the house. It was kind of too late and I was too tired to drive down to Provo, so I didn't think I was going to get to see Alyse (my sister that just had the baby). But she and Tanner surprised us by driving up to Highland! And I got to see baby Ezra for the first time. And he's cuuuute. :) He's a big baby (he was 9 lbs, 1 oz when he was born), and a bit different proportions than Ellie was, and it was fun for me to be able to see and hold and cuddle with a newborn since we'll have another one in just a couple months.

On both Wednesday and Thursday we spent part of the day (the morning and evening) in Highland at my mom's house and part of the day (late morning/the afternoon) down in Provo at Alyse's house. On Friday we stayed all day in Highland, and Alyse came up there. On Saturday, the family had a garage sale in Highland and Ellie and I drove down for a breakfast with my old roommates in Provo, and then we drove back to Highland and then up to the airport.

The following pictures are from one of the first mornings we were there, when Ellie and I were outside with Sydney. She just got a golden retriever puppy a couple weeks ago, and Ellie wanted to go outside every time Sydney took the puppy out to go to the bathroom.

They are both so cute!
Because you have to get down on your belly to see short flowers.

Everytime we went outside, Ellie would run around and around the grass, laughing and giggling and pretending to fall down in the grass and then roll on her back and say she was "stuck."

Isn't Sydney the cutest ever?

Ellie was actually looking really happy as she smelled this flower, but all the pictures I got of it she was making funny faces! Lol. :)

So that was one of the times we were playing in the yard. :)

When we were down in Provo Alyse and I went out for shaved ice. She told me where the best shaved ice place was (she's been to a ton of them this summer), so we went there. It was good. The ice was all soft and the flavors were great. Mmmmm. It makes me want shaved ice thinking about it.

And here's a couple pictures from when we were hanging out over at Alyse's house:

For some reason, Ellie was really nervous about Tanner (Alyse's husband) for quite a while on this trip. Whenever he was in the room, Ellie would run over to me, want me to hold her, and would say "Mommy, mommy, mommy," over and over. Finally, on the second day we were down in Provo, she warmed up to him. He asked her if she wanted to go outside to see their garden. Well, she loves going outside. Always. So, even though it was Tanner asking, she did go outside (holding fast to my hand as she did). And then he showed her the garden, and gave her a tomato (and she loves tomatoes) and after a little while of this she was happy and content and finally acting normally around Tanner. She even held his hand when walking up and down the stairs. Big improvement!

Also, see the dollhouse in the pictures below? We took it over to Alyse's house on one of the days, so that Ellie would have something to be entertained by as we sorted through Alyse's stuff (helping her get ready to move). I was taking a nap on the couch at one point, and Ellie was playing with the dollhouse, and Mom and Alyse were watching her. And she started taking all of the dolls one by one, and lifting up the porch, and putting them underneath. And then she'd put the porch back down and you'd have no idea she had a bunch of dolls under there. They asked her where all the dolls were, and she said, "Hiding." Alyse said it was really funny and creepy, because all the dolls were splayed out in all different directions, all invisible until Ellie would lift up the porch and there they all were, "hiding."

Here are some pictures from Friday, the day Alyse came up to Highland with baby Ezra. Isn't he adorable?

Ellie kept saying, "Baby! Baby!" She thought he was really cool.
She also thought this tape measure was really fun to play with. She kept telling me about the  "Numbers!" on it.
Ellie also "helped" Alyse sort some books for the garage sale.
He's just so sweet. :)
Ellie found a "hat" and glasses in the garage sale stuff.

On Friday night we drove out to Eagle Mountain to see my stepsister Diana, my brother-in-law Austin, and their little kids Violet and Porter. I haven't seen them in forever (like since when Ellie was born!) so it was really great to be able to visit them.

Ellie had fun with Syd on the way there. She was being really silly; she started out the car ride eating a grilled cheese sandwich, and was shoving her head down on her shoulders like she was a turtle. No neck, lots of double chins - it was just funny. And then she was covering her eyes and saying "hiding" and playing peekaboo with us.

Okay, now isn't Violet one of the cutest, most photogenic little girls you've ever seen? I mean, look at her! She's adorable!

Porter was less enthused by the camera. He was so cute though, and it actually the first time I've ever been able to meet him. I love his big eyes. :)

Also, Ellie found this box of My Little Ponies, and proceeded to put each and every single one of them in the entertainment center cupboard. "Ellie, where are all the ponies?" "Hiding."

On Saturday morning, Ellie and I drove down to Provo to see my old roommates. We had breakfast at Kneaders, and it was so awesome to be able to see them! I love these girls. They are the best. I am so, so, so blessed to be able to be friends with them.

Linus. :) He's only a couple months old, and he's a little chunk. And hunk. So cute!
Lizzy, Ellie, me, Becca and Piper, and Melissa :)

And that was our trip! (Pretty much. :)) We flew back on Saturday about noon, and that airplane trip went even better than the first one. We had an aisle seat this time, which was better, and Ellie was pretty happy just playing with stickers and the ipad the whole time. Our landing was actually kind of wobbly and seemed really fast, and I was actually kind of nervous as we were coming down (and I'm practically never nervous on planes - I've flown a ton)(and it seemed like everyone else on the plane were unusually alert and not really talking like normal and looking out the windows as well - it wasn't just me), but all turned out well! And now we're home and safe and sound and finishing off our summer.


  1. Oh my goodness! Sydney has grown up so much since I last saw her! That is crazy! And of course your new nephew is so cute. Thanks for all the pictures.

  2. 1. I'm glad you had a great trip.
    2. Sydney is SO cute!
    3. Ellie seems so so so fun.
    4. Ezra is adorable.
    5. I am sooooooooooo jealous (and happy) you got to see roommates. I seriously stared at that picture for quite a while wishing I had immediate family in utah so I could justify a visit. I love you ladies. :)
    6. You are awesome.


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