Wednesday, July 3, 2013

July - The Happiness Project Returns

Most likely, you've forgotten about the "happiness project" that I started at the beginning of the year. I worked on it consistently for the first three months, posted my April's resolutions, and then...I got sick. Really sick. And I abandoned the happiness project, and pretty much everything else.

When I got sick this time, I developed one of those symptoms they tell you to watch for in depression - loss of interest in things that formerly interested you. I didn't want to blog. I didn't want to take pictures.  I didn't want to go on pinterest, or make photobooks, or go on the internet pretty much at all. I didn't even want to watch anything on TV. I didn't want to do, well, anything. I developed an aversion to all these activities almost like the aversion I felt for most food.

In addition to what I didn't want to do, there were all the things I just couldn't do. I couldn't wash dishes. I couldn't stand up for more than a few minutes. I couldn't walk very far. I couldn't sit up for long periods of time. I couldn't brush my teeth too hard. I couldn't breath through my nose a lot (or the smells would make me throw up).

So, I was pretty much constrained to lying on the floor (or couch, or bed), keeping Ellie as close to me as possible, and trying not to think about how nauseous I felt.

As you can see, something like the happiness project would fall to a very low priority during a time like this.

But - things are improving greatly. In the last four weeks, my medicine has finally got my nausea under control. I still have to take it twice a day (missing it in the morning means I'll be throwing up at night), but when I'm on it, I feel awesome! And by awesome I mean normal. And that's awesome! So, I'm finally working on picking back up the things I've ignored and getting back into the life I'd abandoned.

So, the happiness project is back! Since I'm still taking things easy as I'm getting back into the swing of things, I've decided to condense all my goals into one list (rather than try to do every resolution I've made for each month so far).

Month 7 (or 5? I skipped May and June. Well say 7.): July
Theme: I'm alive again.

Main goal: To get back on track with my most important resolutions.

Individual goals:

Again, yay for feeling better and having more energy! I can't wait to start doing lots more things.

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  1. You poor,poor thing but now you bright brave thing. Just take life gently and keep worrying about anything to an absolute minimum.
    This time too will pass and soon all will be well


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