Monday, April 1, 2013

April's Resolutions

Month 4 of the Happiness Project! This month is all about Ellie. Jason and I have realized that we're not really being proactive about Ellie's education, and we want to change that this month. Starting now, we're going to work harder on increasing Ellie's opportunities and start her on a trajectory that will lead to great things in the future.

Month 4: April
Theme: Ellie 

Main goal: To increase Ellie's education and skills across multiple fields.

Individual Resolutions:

  • Only speak to Ellie in Russian this month (Jason's going to help me on this one)
  • Teach her at least half of the Cyrillic Alphabet
  • Start her in gymnastics (at first in the baby gymnastics class that's close to us, but we're going to begin looking for a trainer for more individualized attention)
  • Have her potty-trained by the end of April
  • Let Ellie choose her own activities in an "Independence Hour" every day, where she can decide between different art and music activities 
  • And finally, instead of just saying "birdy" when we look for birds outside, I'm going to begin teaching Ellie the latin names of the birds we see. If needed, I'll make flashcards to help her.

Several of these resolutions will be challenging this month (especially the Russian one), but we're going to try really hard. We've got to step it up and really start engaging Ellie with more aspects of the world than we already are. April, bring it on!

Oh, and one more thing - April Fools'. :)


  1. I was like, "WOW."

    I thought, "Maybe you could teach her something like the letter O."


  2. OMG, you got me! Funny thing, what really made me go "Are you crazy?" was the potty training idea. I don't know ANYONE who has even started that early.

    Independence Hour actually sounds cool though!

  3. Hahaha! Love this! Since it's not April Fools today, I was very very caught off guard ;) (and really, even if I'd seen this yesterday, I probably would've believed it til the last line! I'm pretty gullible. That would be quite the April resolution line up! :) )

  4. haha! we were out of town so I didn't read this until now. That's funny though! I wouldn't have known any different until the last line...but I'm glad you aren't that crazy. :)

    also, I miss you so much!


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