Saturday, March 2, 2013

Fun at the Park

We've been to the park several times in the last month. It's my favorite place to go when we want to get out of the house. We're lucky to live next to a huge regional park (that I know I mention a ton), and so we have the perfect place to go run around and enjoy nature.

A couple weeks ago Jason and I got sandwiches from Subway and then had a picnic at the park. We spread our blanket out at the top of this little hill on the edge of a big field of grass, which happened to be filled with ducks, coots, and geese. Ellie took off the instant we set her down, chasing after all the ducks. We mostly just watched her from our picnic blanket, getting up and retrieving her every couple of minutes when she got to close to the big dominant goose (the very same one in this blog post, actually).

After chasing the ducks and finishing our sandwiches, we went and played on one of the playgrounds. :)

The week of Valentine's Day, we went again and played in the flowers and climbed trees.

And this last week, we had a picnic at the Newport Beach Temple. There's a "sports park" with a playground right across the street, so we ate and played there first, and then went over and walked around the temple grounds.

This was Ellie's first time playing with sand, and she was delighted with it. She kept picking it up letting it fall from her hands.

She also could not get enough of this swing. We pushed her for probably ten minutes, and she kept refusing to get out. If we picked her up, she would grab the chains and try to get her feet back in. It seemed to be lulling her to sleep; you can see in the last picture she's resting her head to the side. She was doing that for several minutes.

And that's what we've been doing at the park lately!

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