Monday, February 4, 2013

I sold Ellie to the Gypsies. Sorry.

Today was rough.

It all goes back to Friday, when Ellie got her one-year immunizations. She got four at the same time, two in each leg. (I definitely think it was too much all at once, and plan to spread them out more in the future.) She developed a high fever later in the day, and got really lethargic. She did not sit up once from the time she woke up from her afternoon nap until her bedtime; she just lounged in our arms. That is so unlike her. She's normally a wiggly ball of destruction.

Saturday was a whole day of painful legs and fever for Ellie. She barely stood up at all all day, and when she did you could tell that it really hurt her legs. She was mostly in a good mood though, with some understandable crankiness mixed in.

Then. Last night.

Ellie (who goes to bed at seven) woke up at ten, eleven, one, and three. At three I just brought her into our room (Jason was working the graveyard shift, so I had the whole bed to myself) and put her in our bed with me. We both slept very poorly from three to about seven, when we finally got up. I felt like I hadn't slept at all the whole night, and my back was all sore.

To summarize today (because it'd take to long to go blow-by-blow), Ellie refused to take either of her naps, and I lost my mind and wanted to sell her to the gypsies (like my mom always threatened to do with us). Oh, and she pooped in her bath. Of course.

But I have to say, my in-laws are so wonderful. They helped with Ellie all day, when I was just ready to melt into a heap on the floor and stay there. Jason's parents both helped watch her, and Jason's brother Tyler and his wife Sarah watched her this afternoon so I could take a nap.

In summary, I'm glad today's over. And this weekend. And hopefully Ellie will feel a lot better from her on out. And she'll sleep. Which I'm going to do. Right now.

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  1. oh no!! I'm so sorry! That is super hard! I hope she (and you!) feels better quickly. :) I'm sure you were super glad to be living at your in-laws so they could help.


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